College Football

Announcers go gaga as Stanford shocks the world

Unless you have an unhealthy obsession with your TV Guide, then you probably didn’t even know a channel named VS. existed. But it does and they hit the friggin’ jackpot by broadcasting the biggest upset of the year when Stanford knocked off USC late Saturday night. Considering they’re pretty new at this whole college football scene and it was a 40-point underdog scoring a last second touchdown on fourth down to win the game, we’re going to overlook the fact that the announcers totally botched the call.

Ron Thulin: “TOUCHDOWN USC!!!…Stanford, touchdown Stanford! My Goodness.”

Kelly Stouffer: “Jim Harbaugh, if you’re asking, is going to go for the tie right here, he’s holding up…Obviously, they are tied right now. He’s going to go for the extra point.”

Ron Thulin: “You got to.

Talk about a killer duo! One guy doesn’t know which team is which and the other guy doesn’t know what the score is. No offense, we know you both have decent resumes, but you fellas got a lot of work to do before you’ll be on the big boy channels.

Perhaps you could learn a little something by watching this seamless transition from Britney Spears’ life to a game winning touchdown. Take notes, this is how the pros do it.

New York Giants

Odds and Ends: Jean Strahan has a garage sale

As if a $15M divorce settlement and $18k a month in child support wasn’t enough, Jean Strahan, ex-wife of Michael Strahan decided to sell off a few of the items from their her $3.6M mansion in Montclair, NJ. She sold cocktail dresses, handmade rugs, antiques, and a couple of TVs among other things. A diehard Giants fan said he got two televisions for $100.

She advertised the garage sale in a local paper and tons of people were lining up to take a look at the stuff. Since she doesn’t exactly need the money, this was just a way of her throwing it in Michael Strahan’s face. The police were called multiple times to chase away reporters.

By the way, there’s no truth to the rumor that among the items being sold was a cancelled check written to Brett Favre with “Sack record” in the memo.

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College Basketball

Stanford Tree banned from 2007 NCAA Womens Tourney

The Stanford Tree first got in trouble when it was played by Erin Lashnits during the Cal-Stanford game in February. Lashnits was drunk off her ass which violated the no-alcohol policy. Then in March, after Tommy Leep replaced Lashnits, the tree got into trouble again for dancing in a undesignated area. The tree was suspended for the rest of the tournament.

Well, now the NCAA has decided to take further action by banning the Tree from the Womens tournament next March.

Leep had a classic quote when asked about the suspension:

I thought this was all settled back in March. I sort of look at the NCAA like an ex-girlfriend trying to come and take the boom box back or something.

What decade is Leep living in? We didn’t think they still made boom boxes.

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