Green Bay Packers

Sorry Green Bay, but nothing comes between Eli and his Oreos or his Seinfeld

We told you about the Green Bay television station that pulled Saturday’s episode of Seinfeld off the air in an attempt to make Eli Manning go Kenny Rogers Roasters crazy before the big game on Sunday. Well, as we expected, the plan was a complete waste of time because Sony of all people raced to the rescue.

Despite the dastardly plans of the Fox affiliate in Green Bay to deny the Giant quarterback the privilege of watching his favorite TV show on Saturday night, it turns out Manning will be able to watch reruns of “Seinfeld” after all. Sony has sent Manning a DVD player and “Seinfeld: The Complete Series” DVD collection that he can watch from his hotel room all night long.

It was such a simple solution to circumvent WLUK’s publicity stunt, that Michael Strahan had already thought of it hours before.

“Are you kidding me?” Strahan said yesterday, when told the station had pulled “Seinfeld” off the air because it heard it was Manning’s favorite show.

“Don’t they have ‘Seinfeld’ DVDs? We can always watch ‘Seinfeld.’ If they think that’s going to mess him up, I should probably move to Green Bay. I could be very successful there with some of my ideas.

But don’t worry Packers fans; you still might get to see Emmitt Smith’s infomercial about feet. You lucky dogs, you.


[]: Eli Manning able to foil bizarre `Seinfeld’

New York Giants

Strahan is not gay

Well this little piece of news from the NY Post isn’t going to help those Michael Strahan is gay jokes:

Giants defensive end Michael Strahan put himself on the charity auction block the other night at Buddha Bar’s first anniversary. He hoped to get a date with a lady, but the male sports fans in the crowd weren’t having it. Two guys outbid 13 gals, leaving Strahan to agree to take both men to dinner for the price of $10,000 each. The dough will go to the Institute for Civic Leadership, a nonprofit educational organization.

Now, we know that Strahan probably isn’t gay and that it was just a vindictive ex-wife talking but it’s still pretty funny that he’d put himself in a charity bachelor auction and end up with two dudes as dinner dates. See? This is what you get for trying to help charities.

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New York Giants

Michael Strahan hates the NFL

Oh the sexual tension!

We know that the life of a professional football player isn’t all money and hos. For most players, it’s a very short ride — the average length of an NFL career is around 3.5 years. But even if you last a long time in the league, chances are all that wear and tear on your body will leave you a shell of your former self once you hit 40. Still, being beat up after making a few million a year is better than, say, getting beat up every day working in a coal mine and not having the money to show for it. So even though we kinda understand where Strahan is coming from in this except from his upcoming book, we don’t exactly feel sorry for him.

You want to be an NFL star? You want to stand in my shoes? Let’s say one day I came to you and offered you a million dollars to let me take a huge hunting knife and wear down the blade until it was rusty and really dull. Then, when it’s really dull and nasty, I would stick it into a pit of burning coals until the blade was white-hot. Finally, I would pull that sucker out of the flames and stab you over and over and over again. Take that blade and stab you in the ankles, your feet and your wrists. Not just stick it in but turn that rusty old knife and twist it when it’s sunk deep into your knees or shoulders.

That is the reality of my NFL. Every single year I have somebody sink this awful, dreadful blade into a few parts of my body.

Geez, Mike, whatever happened to ‘for the love of the game’? Could this be another stab at Tom Coughlin, who Tiki has said is too hard on players during practices?

If he feels this angry about the NFL, we can’t wait to read what he has to say about his ex-wife Jean who took his mansion and $15M of his hard earned money, and implied that he was gay.


New York Giants

Odds and Ends: Jean Strahan has a garage sale

As if a $15M divorce settlement and $18k a month in child support wasn’t enough, Jean Strahan, ex-wife of Michael Strahan decided to sell off a few of the items from their her $3.6M mansion in Montclair, NJ. She sold cocktail dresses, handmade rugs, antiques, and a couple of TVs among other things. A diehard Giants fan said he got two televisions for $100.

She advertised the garage sale in a local paper and tons of people were lining up to take a look at the stuff. Since she doesn’t exactly need the money, this was just a way of her throwing it in Michael Strahan’s face. The police were called multiple times to chase away reporters.

By the way, there’s no truth to the rumor that among the items being sold was a cancelled check written to Brett Favre with “Sack record” in the memo.

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New York Giants

Do NOT mess with Jean Strahan

I believe the expression “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was written espressly with Jean Strahan in mind. To recap, she’s labeled Michael Strahan as:

  • cheap
  • but ostentatious on himself
  • a cheater
  • gay
  • wife beater

Now you can add another thing to the list: pervert. Jean testified that when the two were dating, Michael secretly videotaped her sister undressing and when Jean found the video equipment, he wired $30,000 to her account.

In addition, when testifying on his relationship with Nicole D’Oliveira of Toronto, Strahan said that he did business with her sometimes but when pressed about it, said that it was not a business that brought him any income. Hmmm… the “business” sounds like the oldest one — a terrorist whore.

[]: Wife: Strahan secretly taped sister-in-law

New York Giants

Soon-to-be-ex-wife: Strahan’s lavish and gay

Ian Smith and Michael Strahan

Here’s a lesson for all young athletes — you better be sure she’s the right one before putting that ring on her finger because who knows what will come out in a divorce. Yesterday, she testified that Strahan’s friend, Dr. Ian Smith set him up with his current mistress and with girls on road trips but she really dropped the bomb when she accused she said the two were more than friends.

Michael moved in with Ian in his one-bedroom apartment for the next year. And you can say an alternative lifestyle sprouted.

Ian Smith countered with, “Michael Strahan is one of my best friends and needed a place to stay after he was kicked out of his own home. I let him sleep on my couch as any best friend would do.” This sounds reasonable except that this is Michael Strahan, a professional athlete with a $32 million contract. And it was for a whole year? I’m sure TO has something to say about rats.

We don’t want to get sued so we’ll just quote on this one.

On Tuesday, Smith seemed to claim that, because he is a “happily married man,” it was impossible for him to have been in a sexual relationship with Strahan. However, not only are the cases of married men having sex with one another well-documented, but it has become so common among black men that it even has a name – “the down low.”

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