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O.J. Mayo gives Carnac the Magnificent a run for his money

The tournament shook out on Sunday evening as the brackets were revealed to a drooling, anticipation-ridden audience of millions. And after all was said and done, one matchup stands out above all the rest: USC vs. Kansas State. Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why this 6/11 matchup is […]

Brady Quinn is the biggest homer ever

Whether you like him or not, Brady Quinn has a lot of things going for him. He’s young, rich, and talented, the ladies think he’s good looking and he parties like a rock star. However, he’s probably not the most rational guy in the world; at least, not when it comes to being objective about […]

Announcers go gaga as Stanford shocks the world

Unless you have an unhealthy obsession with your TV Guide, then you probably didn’t even know a channel named VS. existed. But it does and they hit the friggin’ jackpot by broadcasting the biggest upset of the year when Stanford knocked off USC late Saturday night. Considering they’re pretty new at this whole college football […]

It’s no east vs. west rap war, but the smack between USC and LSU is becoming pretty entertaining

Snoop recently gave LSU coach LesMiles a verbal beat down. Lots of peeps out there seem to think that we can look forward to a USC/LSU national championship game once January rolls around. Hopefully those people are right, because it looks we’ve already got some serious trash talk going down that will, with any luck, […]

UCLA just lost the rivalry to USC

We’re completely neutral on the whole UCLA vs USC thing they got going on down in SoCal. On the one hand, the Trojans football team and their Song Girls are top notch and always make our day. On the other, UCLA is a better academic school with phenomenal bball cheerleaders and (until last year) basketball […]

Pete Carroll is ripped but USC Song Girls in bikinis steal the show

We’ve never heard of before but they’ve just put themselves on the map with some fine fine investigative photojournalism. The guy from BeatSC (UCLA fan) went over to the charity swim off between Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell to raise money for USC’s Physically Challenged Athletes Scholarship Fund. Firt off, for an old guy, […]

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Odds and Ends: Time to ask whether fighting belongs in hockey?

Is Colin Campbell insane? He told the Canadian press that “it’s time to ask the question” about whether fighting should be banned in the NHL. The only reason why hockey even registers as a major league sport is because of the fighting. Now for those who love hockey and not just hockey fights, fighting is […]

Is OJ Mayo a showboat?

Check out this nifty dunk from OJ Mayo. What a way to end a high school career huh? Unfortunately, many saw it as hotdogging and showing up the other team. If OJ played baseball, he would’ve gotten a fastball to the head on his next at-bat. Here, he only gets a technical. So the question […]

USC’s "White Nation" just a joke… ha ha

We know the the kids today are all up on their myspace and facebook social networking buzzword blah blah blah but we gotta think that athletic directors must hate those things. It’s fun for the athletes but has only caused trouble for the athletic departments and their PR staff. The latest in Bad Idea Jeans […]

USC goalie moons the crowd

USC Trojan Mickey Meyer decided that he had had enough of the refs and decided to moon the crowd in Utah. This is in a game in which describes as a lackluster effort following a late Friday game and having to play at 10AM on Saturday. In any case, the Trojans 6-4 and the […]

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