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Getting ready for March Madness with old school H.S. football lunacy

We know that March is typically a month dedicated to the madness that is tournament-style college basketball. So, we figured there is no better way to get you ready for the thrilling comebacks and last-second victories that will inevitably come as the month draws on than by hitting you upside the noggin with one of […]

High school water polo players get unwanted attention on the internet

We feel sorry for all the teenage water polo players in California and it’s not just because they are teenage water polo players. Turns out that a number of pictures of adolescent H2Oers are winding up on a handful of gay Web sites. Apparently it isn’t all fast cars, fist fights and hot chicks in […]

This is not exactly what the Grecos or the Romans had in mind

From what we’re told, this is high school wrestling and it certainly appears to be a couple of pimple-popping adolescents, but it sure looks like WWE to us. He [Brent Foxhoven] ended up finishing third in the tournament, but he clearly pulled off the highlight of the weekend. Foxhoven said he has been practicing the […]

As long as guys compete in figure skating then girls get to play hockey

We’re all about equal opportunity, so when we heard that there were a couple of high school girls playing on the school’s hockey team, we thought it was pretty cool. After all, what guy doesn’t want to hang out with a girl who’s willing to strap on the pads and check you right into the […]

`No ifs, ands or butts about it’

We’re not sure how this got past us, we try our best to stay abreast of all the latest happenings on the high school cheerleader front, but we really dropped the ball on this one. Cut us some slack, we got all worked up for Turkey Day, okay. Six California cheerleaders were suspended after displaying […]

Gimme an `O’! Gimme a `U’! Gimme a `C’! Gimme a `H’! What’s that spell?

You know those stupid banners that high school teams go ripping through before games? Well, they’re dangerous. Actually, it’s not the banners that are dangerous, it’s the players running through `em. We love how the station goes with the informative yet humiliating approach to this piece. Happy Homecoming Homecoming Princess! Links: [Awful Announcing]: Wait Guys! […]

After childhood accident, high schooler literally plays `foot’ ball

Charlie Shannon is a one-footed football player. If that sounds like the opening line of stupid joke to you then you’d be completely off base. You’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for sophomoric humor like that. And if you started giggling in anticipation of what you thought was coming next then shame […]

High school girl dunks and dunks and dunks and dunks…

There used to be this crazy myth that “white men can’t jump.” There was a movie about it and everything, maybe you’ve heard of it. Well, it’s pretty evident that claim is completely inaccurate. You did see Brent Barry sky at the 1996 Slam Dunk Contest, right? If that wasn’t aerial poetry in motion then […]

Florida high school football teams get blasted with suspensions following bench-clearing brawl

The hammer came down today following a huge brawl during a high school football game between the players of Florida’s Miramar and Flanagan. In all, 56 players got suspended for anywhere from one to six weeks for their roles in the fight. It’s considered by many to be the biggest mass suspension in Florida high […]

Darby High, you just got punk’d!!

Some people would have you believe that kids today are just a bunch of slackers and deadbeats. And, frankly, we can’t really argue that point considering all the floppy haired kids that we see smokin’ pot just off campus of the local high school during lunch. But there are a lot of talented, dedicated, hardworking […]

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