High School Sports

As long as guys compete in figure skating then girls get to play hockey

We’re all about equal opportunity, so when we heard that there were a couple of high school girls playing on the school’s hockey team, we thought it was pretty cool. After all, what guy doesn’t want to hang out with a girl who’s willing to strap on the pads and check you right into the boards?

Now, we know that girls playing typically “boys” sports is nothing new. There are some great female competitors on football, baseball, basketball and even hockey teams all across this great country of ours. We were just always kind of curious as to how or why these girls would choose to endure the physical and verbal abuse of playing with the big boys instead of going down the typical path of feminization by society.

Well, here’s the story behind these two girls’ love for skating and eventually hockey.

I had to walk out and push to keep my balance, and my dad would dangle my Barbie dolls on a string and make me go get it,” Olivia [Fraioli] recalled.

Brittany [McManamey] went through similar training.

“If I went a certain amount of distance, that’s how much he’d pay for candy. Like if I went two feet, he’d pay $2,” she said.

Wait, you were trained to skate in the same fashion that horses are trained to pull carts, by dangling proverbial carrots just out of reach. We thought that was only effective with WNBA players.


[]: H.S. Girls Take to the Ice