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Arkansas, you just got Punk’d!

There’s cage fighting and then there’s gay fighting and rarely do the two ever mix. But gay-cage fighting is exactly what a crowd of Little Rock spectators got when they showed up to an event called “Blue Collar Brawlin” back on June 5 which was actually an elaborate gag for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film […]

Forget voting; let’s settle this election WWE style

Just when it looks like the WWE can’t possibly get any more outrageous, they go off and do something like this…and totally redeem themselves!! One day before they duke it out in the important Pennsylvania Democratic primary, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are being invited to bring their fight to the ring. World […]

Floyd Mayweather faces his BIGGEST challenge to date, even if it’s fake

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t need any cheap gimmicks to keep his name in the headlines or to remind people that he is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but that didn’t stop him displaying his twinkle-toes on Dancing With the Stars. On Sunday, he did it again by hopping in the ring with The Big […]

This is not exactly what the Grecos or the Romans had in mind

From what we’re told, this is high school wrestling and it certainly appears to be a couple of pimple-popping adolescents, but it sure looks like WWE to us. He [Brent Foxhoven] ended up finishing third in the tournament, but he clearly pulled off the highlight of the weekend. Foxhoven said he has been practicing the […]

Being retarded goes a long way in backyard wrestling

We’ve showed you just how idiotic and dangerous pro wrestling can be when complete morons step inside the ropes with the sole purpose of shocking the masses or murdering their opponent. But, at least these guys are getting paid to put their bodies on the line. The pay probably sucks, but they’re still being compensated […]

Another sad high school wrestling story

High school wrestlers, in general, seem to be some pretty disturbed dudes. Just ask the six guys who had their anuses violated by 17-year-old wrestling champ Jerome Hunt. But don’t forget that this is a sick, sick world that we live in and the kids who wrestle aren’t the only ones with some seriously troubled […]

Odds and Ends: Time to ask whether fighting belongs in hockey?

Is Colin Campbell insane? He told the Canadian press that “it’s time to ask the question” about whether fighting should be banned in the NHL. The only reason why hockey even registers as a major league sport is because of the fighting. Now for those who love hockey and not just hockey fights, fighting is […]

Odds and Ends: A true American hero

Who runs a $22 office pool? Michigan state representative Kim Meltzer wants to decriminalize NCAA tournament pools because “what makes March Madness unique is that all kinds of people and sports fans of all levels fill out their brackets and enjoy the tournament. It’s a crime we consider that a crime, and I want to […]

Dear wrestling champ, please keep your fingers out of my rectum

High school wrestling always gets a bad rap… partly because two sweaty dudes grappling with each other sends up the red rainbow flag like you wouldn’t believe. However, we wrestled in high school and we’re not gay (except for that one time with Tim Hardaway in the Heat locker room). Still, when a story like […]

Odds and Ends: More on the SI Swimsuit Issue

We thought SI was trying too hard and making a mistake by putting Beyonce on the cover. Now we see they are trying to even harder with this new Swimsuit photos in 3-D business. By layering pictures, they are creating a 3-D effect. Hot models in 3-D? Sign us up! But the technology is really […]

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