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Odds and Ends: Who knew MS baseball players knew about slump busters?

An Alabama middle school teacher is facing 20 years on sex abuse offenses after getting busy with nearly the entire baseball team! We’re guessing her defense will be it was all just a means of expressing team spirit. A teacher has been accused of having sex with eight members of a school baseball team. Julie […]

O.J. Mayo gives Carnac the Magnificent a run for his money

The tournament shook out on Sunday evening as the brackets were revealed to a drooling, anticipation-ridden audience of millions. And after all was said and done, one matchup stands out above all the rest: USC vs. Kansas State. Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why this 6/11 matchup is […]

OJ Mayo doesn’t give out his cell. He’ll call you.

You know those fluff pieces in newspapers that try to persuade you that an athlete’s reputation is undeserved and that he’s really a good guy? This isn’t one of those. If Lee Jenkins was trying to paint OJ Mayo in a good light, he absolutely fails in today’s New York Times article on the kid. […]

Is OJ Mayo a showboat?

Check out this nifty dunk from OJ Mayo. What a way to end a high school career huh? Unfortunately, many saw it as hotdogging and showing up the other team. If OJ played baseball, he would’ve gotten a fastball to the head on his next at-bat. Here, he only gets a technical. So the question […]

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