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Tennessee is already regretting the signing of their latest recruit

Ron Artest does it horribly. Kobe Bryant does it girly. Tony Parker does it unintelligibly. And Shaquille O’Neal does it hilariously. Yup, we’re talking about rapping and the NBA players who love to attempt it. Like anything and everything else the pros do, up-n-comers of the game want to be exact replicas of their favorite stars. Take Tennessee recruit Bobby Maze for example. He obviously idolizes this NBA rap superstar.


[Sports Crunch]: Tennessee Recruit Bobby Maze Tries to Rap

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Bantams seek first perfect season in college baseball history. Wait, what the hell is a Bantam?

I’m a miniature chicken, you moron!

Everyone thought they were going to see a perfect season in the NFL, but the Giants kept the Patriots from putting the Super Bowl cherry on top of a 16-0 regular season record. Memphis was oh-so close to perfection in college basketball this season, losing just one regular season game and then making it all the way through the NCAA Tournament before falling to Kansas in a frantic final. Well, believe it or not, we’ve got another team looking at perfection: the Trinity College Bantams.

At 27-0, the small private college in Hartford is getting increasingly close to something believed to be unprecedented in modern college baseball.

No team has won a national championship without losing a game, to be sure; but Trinity, which competes in N.C.A.A. Division III, could become the first college of any size to finish its regular season and conference tournament having won every game. Such records are not officially monitored, an N.C.A.A. spokesman said, but an examination of previous top teams’ final records suggested it was unlikely that any had done that before.

Next month’s N.C.A.A. regionals and the Division III national championships could trip up Trinity. But if the Bantams win Tuesday night against Eastern Connecticut State, a perennial national power and their toughest regular-season opponent, running the table will be a step closer for a team that has throttled opponents by a combined score of 260-64.

Got that?! Forget the Spurs vs. Suns; Trinity against Eastern Connecticut State is where the magic’s happening tonight. There’s always Game 3, but you only get one shot at 28-0.


[NYTimes. com]: In Sport Filled With Flaws, a Chase for Perfection

New York Giants

Odds and Ends: Giants tap Sierra Leon dry for their SB ring

Championship rings just keep getting bigger and bigger and blingier and blingier. Apparently, the New York Giants have no plans of discontinuing the trend because their Super Bowl ring will probably have to be delivered in wheelbarrow. The ring has a whopping 1.5 carats of diamonds and, as Michael Strahan put it, is a “10-table ring,” meaning it can be seen from 10 tables away in a restaurant.

There was some discussion about maybe one of the rings was too big,” said center Shaun O’Hara, who was among group of players and team executives who designed the ring with officials from Tiffany and Co.

“I threw out the fact that it was a big win, it was a huge win, so the ring should be designed accordingly,” O’Hara said. “Michael said it best when he said he wanted a 10-table ring. I think everybody is going to be very pleased with the design. It is very clean, very classy, but at the same time it is very strong.

O’Hara forgot to mention gaudy, blinding and heavy as hell.

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College Basketball

Highlights sure aren’t what they used to be

When March Madness comes rolling around, we turn into absolute NCAA basketball junkies. For weeks on end we sit and stare at the tube and the computer screen in an attempt to catch every possible moment of action. So far, the highlight of the tournament for us was when the frog on Duke dunked on Belmont’s Jason.


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College Basketball

Odds and Ends: Forget 2008, 2009 March Madness is upon us

We don’t even have one game of this year’s tournament under our belts yet and already the NCAA is about to start accepting application for the 2009 Final Four in Detroit. Of course, when tickets are as hot as Final Four tickets are you need to get on the ball early. You know what they say; the early bird catches all the early bird specials.

The cheapest tickets will cost $150, which is a bargain: Tickets to next month’s games in San Antonio are selling online for $2,500 or more.

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College Basketball

St. Patrick’s Day brings out a bracket-busting leprechaun

Now, we know that some people get pretty desperate around tournament time, but are you seriously going to fill out your bracket based on the input of some guy named Spaz? We didn’t think so. What if he was in a leprechaun outfit?

College Basketball

Odds and Ends: Bulldogs dominate March Madness

Now that the NCAA Tournament is set and ready to go (minus the ever popular play-in game of course), it’s time to start filling in all the blank lines of your brackets. But as you do so, you’ll probably notice that there are a whole lotta crazy mascots in this year’s tourney. OK, so maybe you won’t notice, but the hoops junkies at Best Week Ever did and here’s their list of The 10 Most Ridiculous Mascots In This Year’s NCAA Tournament:

10.UBMC Retrievers
9.Kent State Golden Flashes
8.St. Mary’s Gaels
7.Siena Saints
6.Cornell Big Red
5.University of San Diego Toreros
4.Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils
3.Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
2.Austin Peay Governors
1.The Bulldogs of Butler, Drake, Georgia, Gonzaga and Mississippi State

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College Basketball

Bob Knight falls asleep at the idea of going back to Indiana

Last night, amidst all the Bracetology talk on ESPN‘s family of networks, Dick Vitale unveiled his blueprint to “dominate college basketball.” And frankly, it all seemed to bewilder/bore Bob Knight.

College Basketball

O.J. Mayo gives Carnac the Magnificent a run for his money

The tournament shook out on Sunday evening as the brackets were revealed to a drooling, anticipation-ridden audience of millions. And after all was said and done, one matchup stands out above all the rest: USC vs. Kansas State. Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why this 6/11 matchup is gonna be the bomb – it’s O.J. Mayo and Kevin Beasley fool! – but it does take some serious mental dexterity to figure out who you’ll draw before the selection show even goes down.

But that Mayo kid, he’s a sharp one.

I told him [Kansas State’s Bill Walker], ‘I think we’re going to draw you guys,”‘ Mayo said Sunday at Galen Center, where the Trojans watched as the pairings were announced. “Omaha seemed like a good place to play. At the same time, it’s all about the money.”

Mayo was referring to the fact that he and Kansas State’s Michael Beasley are two of the most talented freshmen in the country, making for an attractive matchup.

Beasley is the third-leading scorer in the country, averaging 26.5 points. Mayo isn’t far behind at 20.8 points. Both figure to be early first-round picks whenever they decide to declare for the NBA draft.

“It’s still Kansas State vs. USC–two good teams, two teams that play hard,” Mayo said. “We’ll get a crowd there, it should be exciting.”

The 20-year-old Mayo said he has known Walker since the age of 3, calling him “my best friend in the world.”

Mayo said the two spoke again after learning they would face each other.

“He was like, `What made you pick that?”‘ Mayo said with a smile.

Mayo made his prediction to several teammates as well.

“That’s what `O’ kept saying. It was a great call by him,” Davon Jefferson said.

Pretty good prediction by a kid who is playing in his first and probably last NCAA Tournament. Same goes for Beasley – uh, everything except the prediction part.


[]: Mayo Predicted Trojans Would Face K-State

College Basketball

March Madness still costs ton of money for those who hire b-ball junkies

It’s almost NCAA Tournament time which means it’s time to hear about how much money your employer will lose this year as you surf the net looking for scores and secretly watch the games on the mini-television you have hidden under your desk.

This year’s final numbers indicate that $1.7 billion will be lost in productivity. But, hey, who cares as long as you get to see No. 14 seed knock off a No. 3 seed on a last second buzzer-beater.

The figure is based on the 37.3 million workers expected to participate in office pools during the NCAA men’s tournament, and the 1.5 million expected to watch games online from their desks. …

“Those who insist there will be no impact are kidding themselves,” Challenger said in a statement. “The key for companies is finding a way to maximize the positive aspects of March Madness so that they outweigh the negatives.”

For every 10 minutes workers spend on basketball, companies will lose about $109 million, Challenger said. That figure is based on the current average hourly wage for all American workers, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs at $17.50.

Look, you can either lose $1.7 billion or we can all call in sick for a month. Your choice.


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