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St. Patrick’s Day brings out a bracket-busting leprechaun

Now, we know that some people get pretty desperate around tournament time, but are you seriously going to fill out your bracket based on the input of some guy named Spaz? We didn’t think so. What if he was in a leprechaun outfit?

March Madness still costs ton of money for those who hire b-ball junkies

It’s almost NCAA Tournament time which means it’s time to hear about how much money your employer will lose this year as you surf the net looking for scores and secretly watch the games on the mini-television you have hidden under your desk. This year’s final numbers indicate that $1.7 billion will be lost in […]

Get a vasectomy in order to watch March Madness? The ball’s in your court

If you ask us, there is no good time to have vasectomy. However, the Oregon Urology Institute might be on to something with its latest ad campaign. After all, the only thing worse than getting snipped is getting snipped and having to flip back-and-forth between reruns of Family Matters and Dear John all day long. […]

Free March Madness basketball! Get your free March Madness basketball here!

If you are anything like us then it is NEVER too early to start getting ready for March Madness. Unfortunately, stupid commitments like work or school used to get in the way of spending countless hours on the couch, eating Fritos and bean dip, chugging Yuengling by the case and watching hoops, hoops and nothing […]

Odds and Ends: Geddy Lee kicks fantasy baseball ass

Nice kimono, Neil Last week, we wondered why Geddy Lee made a random appearance in the ESPN Fantasy Baseball commercial. Well, this pretty much explains everything. Not only is Geddy a huge baseball fan, he has been doing fantasy baseball since the 80s, which was before they invented the telephone and myspace. And if you […]

Correctly picked the Final Four this year? New York Times says BFD

You know that annoying guy in your office or the blogger who is flexing his muscles this morning because he correctly picked all four teams in the Final Four? Show them this little article from the New York Times. Last year, of the 3.1 million entries in the ESPN bracket pool, only 4 people had […]

You thought North Carolina choked? Check out Winona State

We have no idea where Barton or Winona State is but they provided an incredible finish to the NCAA Div II basketball championships yesterday. If the D1 boys could pull off a finish like this, we’d be talking about it forever. Not only did they come back from being down 7 points with 45 seconds […]

Leave The Guessing Up To The Experts

I’m unbiased baby! At some point every year, college hoops fans come to a crossroads when it comes to filling out their tournament brackets. Whether it’s in the first round or the Final Four, there are always those toss-up games that will drive you to the brink of insanity. Well, now you don’t have to […]

New School Bracketology

Every year sports dorks from around the country can’t wait for the selection show to end so that they can run over to their X-Box and meticulously enter the entire field into their favorite NCAA hoops game and fill out their brackets according to the random crap that the simulations spit out. Kinda sounds like […]

So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance

We’re all degenerate gamblers at heart, so what better time to cut loose and let your inner Pete Rose come out than March Madness. After all, who doesn’t love to place a bet on a Cinderella school? Usually, they’ll get bounced in the first or second round but, hope was given to small schools across […]

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