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"Don’t be a chubby," join the Anti-Gym

America has gone workout crazy. Everyone, everywhere wants to be buff, tan and super sexy nowadays, but what’s the best way to go about getting that ultra hot look? Well, at the Anti-Gym, they figure humiliation will melt those unsightly pounds right off your body. Now, stop being fat already!! Links: []: Horrific Gym Commercial […]

Get a vasectomy in order to watch March Madness? The ball’s in your court

If you ask us, there is no good time to have vasectomy. However, the Oregon Urology Institute might be on to something with its latest ad campaign. After all, the only thing worse than getting snipped is getting snipped and having to flip back-and-forth between reruns of Family Matters and Dear John all day long. […]

Grab your jock and pop a top for Mr. Package Protector

Happy days are here again because we’ve come across another classic “Real Men of Genius” promotion and we’ve got to say this commercial is dedicated to quite possibly the most realest man of genius to ever come down the turnpike. After all, do you love to get hit in the twig-n-berries? We didn’t think so.

Mike Tomlin resurrects Coors Light’s ad campaign

We understand that everyone is getting sick and tired of watching those crappy Coors Light commercials where they interweave footage of press conferences with dopes drinking beer. After all, you can’t go a quarter without seeing Bill Parcells at least eight times. But don’t give up all hope on the campaign just yet. Turns out […]

Avery Johnson lives up to his nickname of "Little Big Man"

It sure looks like Mavericks coach Avery Johnson was drinking his milk over the summer. Why do we say that? Well, (A) he shot up from 5-foot-11-inches to well over the head of 6-foot-5-inch Josh Howard. (B) Because he’s standing on a milk crate and there’s no milk in it. (C) He’s got the evidence […]

Barry Bonds gets rolled by sushi restaurant

As everyone knows by now, or at least everyone should know by now, Barry Bonds is just one home run away from tying the great Hank Aaron at 755 on the all-time list. There is virtually nobody outside of the San Francisco area that wants to see the suspected doper grab the record and one […]

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