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The Oscars just aren’t the Oscars without Best Sports Picture

The Oscars dominated the television landscape last night and to be quite honest, we were totally disappointed. Sure, No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood are decent flicks, but not even the “great” Daniel Day-Lewis can compete with the acting prowess of our favorite leading roles in the category of Best Sports […]

The Full Count: Yankees clinch

A-rod looking as douchey as possible 1. Lucky Number 13: The Yankees continued the longest playoff streak in all of baseball by clinching a spot in October for the 13th consecutive year. They did so in style, beating the Devil Rays 12-4 as Cano and Jeter homered and Chien-Ming Wang won his 19th game of […]

Mark Ecko is posing as America’s Player of the MLB

Turns out that the fool who spent $752,467 on Barry Bonds’ home run ball No. 756 is no fool at all; in fact, the winner bidder was clothing mogul Mark Ecko. And Ecko is even being nice enough to share his purchase with all of us. He’s letting voters visit a special website and determine […]

The Full Count: Barry Bonds and some milestone or something

He did it. After all the speculation, all the debate, all the waiting, Barry Bonds has finally broken the all-time homerun record. The most important number in sports, 755, fell late Tuesday night. Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik fired a fastball over the middle on a 3-2 count in the fifth inning, and the pitch turned […]

The Full Count: Milestone Weekend

1. Join the Club: The day after A-Rod’s 500th homer and Barry Bonds’ 755th, Tom Glavine reached yet another milestone. Glavine became the 23rd pitcher to reach the 300 win club, and only the 5th lefty. He joins Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux as the only players this decade to reach the mark. Glavine won […]

Barry Bonds gets rolled by sushi restaurant

As everyone knows by now, or at least everyone should know by now, Barry Bonds is just one home run away from tying the great Hank Aaron at 755 on the all-time list. There is virtually nobody outside of the San Francisco area that wants to see the suspected doper grab the record and one […]

Barry Bonds and Bob Costas have a war of words

Barry Bonds is one of the biggest smartasses on the face of the earth, so it wasn’t all that surprising to hear him say he thought someone else could be using the juice. However, what was surprising is that he was questioning the integrity of Bob Costas! These two are now going back and forth, […]

The Full Count: Dice-K outduels Sabathia

Can I get some run support? 1. Duel of the Day: Pitcher’s duels don’t get much better than the one on Tuesday, when Boston’s Daisuke Matsuzaka and Cleveland’s CC Sabathia were at their best. Both went seven innings, with Dice-K allowing no runs and Sabathia one. The Red Sox ended up winning 1-0, with the […]

Playboy makes life it a little more crappy for Barry Bonds

Talk about bittersweet; Barry Bonds is on the verge of breaking the all-time home run record and not only does he have to deal with steroid induced legitimacy issues and the impending boos that will rain down should he break the record on the road, but now he has to deal with a naked, big […]

The Full Count: Bonds keeps creeping closer

1. 753: Before Thursday’s game, Barry Bonds was in a slump that included no hits since July 6 and no homers since July 3. Then he broke out of his slump in the biggest way possible, with his best game of the season. Bonds smacked two homers, giving him 753 for his career. He also […]

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