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Mark Ecko is posing as America’s Player of the MLB

Turns out that the fool who spent $752,467 on Barry Bonds’ home run ball No. 756 is no fool at all; in fact, the winner bidder was clothing mogul Mark Ecko. And Ecko is even being nice enough to share his purchase with all of us. He’s letting voters visit a special website and determine the fate of big-headed Barry’s infamous, steroid tainted homer.

His three options: To send the ball to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.; To brand it with an asterisk — a reference to the belief of some Bonds detractors that the Giants slugger’s record is tainted by his alleged use of performance enhancing substances — and send it to Cooperstown permanently marked; or send it to space on a moon-shot greater than the one which sent the ball into history.

Ecko said he plans to announce the final tally after voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 25.

“I have my own opinion, I’ve been part of this debate just like everyone else,” Ecko wrote on his Web site “But I wanted to make it just a little more real. I bought this baseball to democratize the debate over what to do with it. The idea that some of the best athletes in the country are forced to decide between being competitive and staying natural is troubling.

Is there really any doubt what the American public is gonna do here? We’ve got six little words for ya: “Bang, zoom, straight to the moon”


[]: You Can You’re your Vote On Fate Of Bonds Ball #756

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