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Just who the hell is Tony Romo?

We’re not really sure how an athlete who botches a crucial game winning FG in the playoffs can get so much love but it seems now that Jessica Simpson is going out of her way to try to meet Tony Romo. First, a little history. On his first MNF game, Tony Romo mentioned that his […]

Tony Romo is doing just fine, thankyouverymuch

Allow us to get all US Weekly up in here for a few minutes. We’re not really sure how this is important but nevertheless, here’s a photo of Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood at his birthday party. And she is looking very very good while hanging all over him. We don’t understand how such a […]

Luke Walton has lost his damn mind

There was a time when Britney Spears was arguably one of the 5 hottest chicks in the universe. When, if she had posed for playboy, it would have been the best selling issue of any magazine in the history of the world. Remember her in the red catsuit in the Oops I Did It Again […]

This sounds like the worst reality show ever

ABC has a new reality show called “Fast Cars and Superstars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race”. The show puts all the NASCAR drivers who pimp Gilette into teams with random celebs. The professional drivers were the teachers in classroom and on-track training. The list of celebs are: Bill Cowher, John Elway, Serena Williams, William Shatner, […]

Leave The Guessing Up To The Experts

I’m unbiased baby! At some point every year, college hoops fans come to a crossroads when it comes to filling out their tournament brackets. Whether it’s in the first round or the Final Four, there are always those toss-up games that will drive you to the brink of insanity. Well, now you don’t have to […]

OJ Simpson is Anna Nicole’s baby daddy?

OJ Simpson thinks he might be the father of Anna Nicole’s baby Dannielynn but actually doesn’t want it to be his because he’s afraid that Fred Goldman (the guy who owns OJ at this point) will try to seize her money. OJ is kidding right? We think so but anyone who can convince himself he […]

Tom Brady is living the dream

At the risk of turning into some sort of gossipy knitting circle, we do have to report that the rumors are indeed true — Tom Brady is dating Gisele Bundchen. US Weekly has a photo of them walking back to her NYC apartment where they probably spent all night looking at game film. Gisele: Tom, […]

When does Tom Brady’s deal with the devil expire?

First, let’s talk about football. Peyton Manning goes 15 for 30, 170 yards, 0 TDs and 2 INTs and a 39.6 QB rating. Tom Brady goes 27-51, 280 yards, 2 TDs and 3 INTs and a 57.6 QB rating. Both quarterbacks played pretty poorly. Tom Brady’s last interception cost the Patriots the game… oh wait, […]

Yao Ming does not have jungle fever

(Does anyone still use the term jungle fever anymore? That movie was like what… 1992?) There’s a rule about lying. If you’re gonna make something up, make it so preposterous that it’s believable. is rumor-mongering (thank you Al Davis) that Yao Ming is dating 5’2″ Nia Long because he became a huge fan of […]

Odds and Ends: Eva Longoria already has Tony Parker on lockdown

Yes folks, it’s just another excuse to run a pic of Eva Longoria but In Touch Weekly (you know, the magazine you pretend not to read at the dentist office) is reporting that Eva has banned Tony Parker from having a bachelor party because she thinks it’s just asking for trouble. Hmmm… unless Jessica Alba […]

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