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The top 50 sports jerks

There’s a lot of jerks in this world and it just so happens that many of them are professional athletes. Say what you will, but sports would be a much different place without them. They certainly keep things spicy and we love/loathe them for it. So, without further ado, here’s list of the Top […]

Avoiding Career-Threatening Scandals For Sports Dummies

Americans love their sports and, more importantly, they love their sports stars. Of course, we’ll turn our backs on you in a heartbeat if you cross the line between athletic ability and stupidity. In-game stupidity is one thing, but once an athlete starts displaying questionable behavior off the field/court/ice/etc. then it’s usually game over from […]

OJ Simpson used his one phone call to check his voicemail

Last week we brought you a voice recording that surfaced of OJ Simpson as he went all Mafioso on some sports memorabilia guys. Well, there’s been another incredible find and it just reaffirms the fact that it really sucks to be the Juice. Sorry, OJ, but if Johnny Cochran’s in heaven or hell then you’re […]

Mr. President, sir, your problems in Iraq are over. O.J. Simpson is on the case, sir.

Have you seen the television series starring O.J. Simpson? No, not the one where he pretends to be Ashton Kutcher as he attempts to sell unsuspecting car buyers his infamous white Bronco; we’re talking about The O.J. Simpsons. has released a series of animated briefs that parody FOX’s The Simpsons but instead of Homer […]

Odds and Ends: Maybe OJ was just looking for the real killer?

Jeff Ruby, the owner of an upscale steakhouse in Louisville, KY told OJ Simpson that he was not going to serve him and that he should leave. According to Ruby, Simpson said he understood and gathered up his dinner party and left. However, the story doesn’t stop there. Simpson’s attorney said the incident was about […]

Odds and Ends: Horses get accused of being juiced

We always knew that Seabiscuit was full of crap. First it was limited to the world of bicycling and Lance Armstrong, then it hopped over to baseball with Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Jose Conseco and Barry Bonds to mention a few. And now we can’t even enjoy coverage of the Kentucky Derby without having to […]

These guys are not bringing sexy back

You callin’ me ugly? Why I oughta… So, The Phoenix decided to release their list of “The 100 Unsexiest Men of 2007” and it is a pretty good compilation of ugly dudes. But, here at Sportscolumn, we’re only fascinated with the most hideous, stomach turning sports dudes that made the list. Well, we’re not really […]

OJ Simpson is Anna Nicole’s baby daddy?

OJ Simpson thinks he might be the father of Anna Nicole’s baby Dannielynn but actually doesn’t want it to be his because he’s afraid that Fred Goldman (the guy who owns OJ at this point) will try to seize her money. OJ is kidding right? We think so but anyone who can convince himself he […]

Dec 18 in Sports History: Dolphins go undefeated

In 1972: With a 16-0 shutout of the Baltimore Colts, the Miami Dolphins (14-0) clinched the first-ever undefeated, untied regular season in NFL history. The ’72 Dolphins are not considered by many to be the most dominant team in history, although they did lead the league in scoring (385 pts) and gave up the fewest […]

OJ Simpson plays Ashton Kutcher

For the low low price of $9.95 you can watch OJ selling the infamous white Bronco, dressed up as an Elvis impersonator, or selling oranges as a bum in his new pay-per-special called Juiced. It pretty much has the same “car wreck” appeal of the Simpson trial itself but, hell for $10, we’ll pretty much […]

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