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Odds and Ends: Maybe OJ was just looking for the real killer?

Jeff Ruby, the owner of an upscale steakhouse in Louisville, KY told OJ Simpson that he was not going to serve him and that he should leave. According to Ruby, Simpson said he understood and gathered up his dinner party and left.

However, the story doesn’t stop there. Simpson’s attorney said the incident was about race and he wanted to pursue the matter and get the restuarant’s liquor license revoked. Wait a second here. We’re pretty sure that this isn’t like the Barry Bonds poll, everybody thinks Simpson did it. Ruby said he’s gotten about a hundred positive emails regarding the incident.

In other news…

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[WBRS Sports]: Isn’t denying him sex for the playoffs an incentive for Tony Parker to throw games?

And finally, we weren’t sure whether to jump on this blogger celebrity but… what the hell, she’s 18. Picture of high school pole vaulter hottie after the jump.

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2 replies on “Odds and Ends: Maybe OJ was just looking for the real killer?”

OJ… — I know how he feels, being apluaded after you leave a resturant…oh wait, that’s beacuse…never mind.

Nice to see Tony Parker and Eva Longoria have been watching Bull Durham.

and that pole vaulting chick…

in the words of a great man…


seriously? — As an avid sports fan and holder of a BA in sports science, I can say that most of my life has revolved around sport.  Now saying that, after looking around on this website and seeing the way many female athletes (even some males) are judged, I feel ashamed that this website associates itself with sport.  This website is far from the raw, competitive sport I have come to know and love.  If you are more interested in the way females look on the field rather than their ability to play the sport… don’t call yourself a sports fan.  Critique the player’s abilities not their looks.  Websites like this are the reason why people have such negative perceptions about sport.  So get back to the real topics that real sports fans care about and leave the judging to Playboy.  After all, sports was never meant to be a beauty contest but a test to show one’s dedication and strength. Something I and many sports fans would rather hear about.

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