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Tom Brady is living the dream

At the risk of turning into some sort of gossipy knitting circle, we do have to report that the rumors are indeed true — Tom Brady is dating Gisele Bundchen. US Weekly has a photo of them walking back to her NYC apartment where they probably spent all night looking at game film.

Gisele: Tom, are you sad you threw that interception to Marlon Jackson and won’t be in the Super Bowl?
Brady: Yeah… sure. (thinking: who cares? This is better than the SB.)

Let us remind you that Tom Brady was a sixth round draft pick who got his chance cause Drew Bledsoe punctured a lung against the Jets. And now he’s trading in Bridget Moynahan for a 26 year old Brazilian model. Forget about Wally Pip. Drew Bledsoe should be the new Wally Pip in sports references… hell all references.

By the way, shouldn’t Brady be smiling more?

[US Weekly]: Tom & Gisele Step Out Together

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