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Seven songs sports fans hate

What’s worse than going to the arena/stadium/ballpark and seeing your favorite squad get their ass handed to them? For starters, there’s all that crappy music that gets blared over the loudspeakers in an attempt to get the fans pumped up. Hell, half of those songs are nauseating even when the home team is winning. According […]

The Day Football Died

Most people are sick and stinking tired of hearing about Brett Favre’s retirement. In fact, nobody really believes the guy is retired because until the Packers take to the field without a No. 4 on the roster, he could still weasel his way back into uniform. Personally, we’re pretty content with Favre riding off into […]

Olympic medalist wants more gold, as in gold records

In case you don’t know, Carly Patterson won the Olympic all-around title in gymnastics for the United States in 2004. Since reaching the ultimate pedestal in her athletic field, Patterson has turned her attention and passion toward another skillful endeavor: singing. Now, we haven’t ever heard any of Patterson’s vocal stylings, so were not going […]

Odds and Ends: Geddy Lee kicks fantasy baseball ass

Nice kimono, Neil Last week, we wondered why Geddy Lee made a random appearance in the ESPN Fantasy Baseball commercial. Well, this pretty much explains everything. Not only is Geddy a huge baseball fan, he has been doing fantasy baseball since the 80s, which was before they invented the telephone and myspace. And if you […]

E-E-F-G-C-A-G-G: It’s gold, Jerry, gold!

Usually the only music we notice during sports telecasts are snippets of pop/rock songs that we suspect are picked out by interns and floated up the flag pole. Sometimes you get cool stuff (Seven Nation Army) and sometimes you get the latest nickelback song (more on this below*). In any case, the song that’s been […]

Tony Parker isn’t the best rap lyricist

We didn’t even realize that Tony Parker was getting his MC Solaar on (anyone else old enough to remember Solaar?) but his rap single, Balance Toi, is blazing up the charts in France, which means it’s somewhere below Hall and Oates latest single in the U.S.   Here’s the music video of the song. You’d […]

We want… no… NEED this CD

Why pay $3.99 for TO’s rap song when you can get an entire album of Major Leaguers singing for $17.99? Good Sports Recordings has unleashed “Oh Say Can You Sing” on the American public. Their web site says that it “is a COOL project with no cheesy or campy elements allowed!” We’re going to go […]

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