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Tennessee is already regretting the signing of their latest recruit

Ron Artest does it horribly. Kobe Bryant does it girly. Tony Parker does it unintelligibly. And Shaquille O’Neal does it hilariously. Yup, we’re talking about rapping and the NBA players who love to attempt it. Like anything and everything else the pros do, up-n-comers of the game want to be exact replicas of their favorite […]

He’s no Dickie V, but Brucey P is awesome baby!

You don’t have to like the Tennessee Volunteers basketball team, but you gotta love the big man, Bruce Pearl. From his seizure-inducing sportcoats to his sweat-drenched suits to his bodypaint filled masquerade as the letter `V’ to his ability to hug smoking hot babes, Pearl is an all-around fun guy. While we love his antics […]

Are the Volunteers the Bengals’ farm team?

Holbert’s mug shot team photo Three players from the University of Tennessee were arrested early Sunday morning for disoderly conduct, underaged alcohol consumption and public intoxication. According to police, Arian Foster, David Holbert, and Antonio Wardlow were at a club called Goodfellas when fights broke out. Police arrived and managed to stop a few of […]

Video of annoying Tennessee Vols fan

Yesterday, we told you about the lady who was told to tone it down because other UT fans complained about her cheering. In case you were wondering, “what’s the big deal?”, here’s video for you.

She’s a screamer

Remember that crazy bitch screaming like a banshee before every free throw during the 2006 NCAA Men’s basketball tourney? We didn’t think anyone could top her but it turns out that there’s a University of Tennessee fan who cheers so loudly that even other UT fans are sick of her. The Tennessee assistant athletic director […]

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