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Are the Volunteers the Bengals’ farm team?

Holbert’s mug shot team photo

Three players from the University of Tennessee were arrested early Sunday morning for disoderly conduct, underaged alcohol consumption and public intoxication. According to police, Arian Foster, David Holbert, and Antonio Wardlow were at a club called Goodfellas when fights broke out. Police arrived and managed to stop a few of the fights but the three Vols kept on fighting in separate altercations and they were arrested.

Because head coach Phillip Fulmer instituted a zero-tolerance policy this offseason, expect all three to be kicked off the team. That’s a total of 8 players arrested or kicked off the team for disciplinary measures. This puts them in elite, pro league territory with the Cincinnati Bengals. Holbert and Wardlow are reserves but Foster has a starting FB position. Somewhere in Cinci, Jeremi Johnson is worried about next year’s draft.

[]: Status for arrested Vols under review

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