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She’s a screamer

Remember that crazy bitch screaming like a banshee before every free throw during the 2006 NCAA Men’s basketball tourney? We didn’t think anyone could top her but it turns out that there’s a University of Tennessee fan who cheers so loudly that even other UT fans are sick of her.

The Tennessee assistant athletic director for event management had to call Victoria Caldwell to tell her to tone it down because six people complained about her cheering at Vols games. Look, we can appreciate her enthusiam (sort of) but sometimes people need to just STFU. We’ve been at games before where stupid fans just keep yelling over and over. There’s a definite timing to making noise and perhaps when your offense is on the field before the snap isn’t one of them.

Caldwell says that, “God gave me these lungs and voice, and I’m going to use them. I’m a passionate fan.” However, some of the people sitting near her don’t feel the same.

There’s a difference in cheering for your team versus being obnoxious to everyone around you. She just yells the same thing over and over. It was funny at first, but an hour later I looked at her and tried to figure out how she was breathing between cheers.

Caldwell has decided she probably won’t go to any more UT games and will give up her ticket to her daughter who “doesn’t like loud places”. (Story via Sportsfilter)

[Knoxville News]: Maximum Volume

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