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Brady Quinn likes to call guys “chief” while munching on barbacoa

With all the Brett Favre to the Jets talk over the past several days, you probably missed out on the big “Brady Quinn goes to Chipotle” story. Luckily, nothing gets past

Brady Quinn’s hair gets more attention than you ever have

Brady Quinn has only been in the NFL for a few short months now, but people just can’t seem to get enough of this guy. In fact, when Quinn chopped off his locks before taking the field against the Broncos on Saturday, it became a bigger story than Travis Henry’s unparalleled addiction to baby mommas. […]

Now that the toilets work, Cleveland’s ready for another $#!tty season

Around 300 suckers volunteers spent about half an hour on Wednesday walking around Cleveland Browns Stadium with the sole purpose of flushing all 1,500 toilets and urinals. Man, talk about a crappy job! Apparently, there was a massive leakage problem during a recent concert at the stadium that left the Browns’ locker room completely flooded. […]

Top 10 Dumbest in-game Injuries: #8 Orlando Brown

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten dumbest in-game injuries in sports. Here’s #8.] In 1999, Cleveland’s Orlando Brown was struck in the right eye with a flag thrown by referee Jeff Triplette. The little yellow flag was weighted down with close to a pound of bb’s and apparently Brown didn’t appreciate the incredible accuracy displayed […]

Oct 27 in Sports History: Art Modell steals away in the night

Suckers! In 1995: It is well known how miserable of a sporting existence Cleveland fans have suffered, but this might have been the lowest point, the cruelest blow, the coup de grace gut punch. Browns’ owner Art Modell signed a secret agreement with the city of Baltimore to move his franchise – which probably had […]

There’s your Karma, Cleveland

Stay Classy, Cleveland You ever wonder why Cleveland is the most cursed city in sports? And why the Browns seem to be the most cursed franchise? It’s because one of their fans will actually steal a wheelchair from a guy with spina bifoda. The fan leaves his wheelchair at the bottom of the landing before […]

The F’ing Soldier admits mistake

File under: Jackass “I made a mistake,” Winslow said. “I just have to prove everybody wrong and come back from it.” Ummm. What? Didn’t you prove everyone who thought you were a complete douchebag right by riding your motorcycle into a shrubbery? What is everybody so wrong about? That you’re not a soldier? That you’re […]

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