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Pacman Jones continues to surprise us with his career choices

Pacman Jones has been a helluva lot more productive off the field than on it since he made the jump from college to the pros and we’re not just talking about his criminal activities either. Since being suspended from the NFL for his cornucopia of arrests, not only has Jones semi started a professional wrasslin’ career, but now he’s getting ready to kick off an attempt at becoming the next Jay-Z.

Pacman owns a record label named National Street League Records and he announced on Wednesday that he’ll be joining a producer named Spoaty to form the dynamic rap duo known as Posterboyz! And if you thought that there was a frenzy when the latest Madden game hit the shelves, just wait until you see the lines that form outside your local Best Buy on August 27 when their first single entitled “Let It Shine” drops. And like most rap joints, this one is supposed to about “big money, cars and jewelry.” What, no lyrics inspired by politics, the stock market and fine china? Damn, Pacman, we thought you were a lot deeper than those typical hip hoppers.

Oh, but, just because Pacman isn’t wearing a pair of matching metal bracelets doesn’t mean that he’s not still getting into trouble.

Officials are looking into whether or not the record label’s name, National Street League Records, infringes on the league’s trademark, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

Jones just can’t get a break. People don’t want him playing football, they don’t want him to wrestle and now there’s trouble brewing about him making music. But we’ve got a feeling that the NFL could save themselves a lot of trouble by just letting this whole infringement thing slide. After all, if Pacman is anything like his NBA clone Ron Artest behind the mic then it won’t be long until he destroys his own musical aspirations and all the trademarks that go along with ’em.


[]: `Pacman’ to give it a go in music

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