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Say hello to NASCAR’s biggest diva

As far at the question of “Do you NASCAR?” goes, the answer is not really, but if you’re talking about the blog then we say “Hell yeah!” Anytime something breaks in the world of redneck racing NASCAR, we go straight to to get the scoop. Today we got the rundown of the sports sexiest divas and while we always knew NASCAR was loaded with honeys (we have seen Talladega Nights after all), we didn’t realize just how high caliber the tail actually was until now. At least Kyle Busch won’t be single for long.

10. Nicole Biffle (wife of Greg Biffle)
9. Katie Kenseth (wife of Matt Kenseth)
8. Lynne Allmendinger (wife of AJ Allmendinger)
7. Buffy Waltrip (wife of Michael Waltrip)
6. Crystal Hornish (wife of Sam Hornish Jr.)
5. Krissie Newman (wife of Ryan Newman)
4. Eva Busch (wife of Kurt Busch)
3. Ashley Judd (wife of Dario Franchitti)
2. Ingrid Vondebosch (wife of Jeff Gordon)
1. Chandra Johnson (wife of Jimmie Johnson)

And let’s not forgot about racing’s original diva: Trixie (girlfriend of Speed Racer)


[Do You NASCAR?]: NASCAR’s Sexiest Divas

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Michael Waltrip car wreck pics

There have been a lot of questions about the Michael Waltrip crash this week — why did he leave the scene of the accident? Why didn’t he call the police right away? Who was the witness who didn’t want to be identified? Was it a fine young thing he was with? Inquiry minds want to know!

What we do know is that he’s lucky to be alive judging from the photos of the car after the accident. It’s a miracle he walked away with only a few scratches.

More photos of Michael Waltrip’s wreck after the jump.

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Michael Waltrip will not be endorsing No-Doz

Michael Waltrip has been racing cars for some time now, but by the looks of things he really needs to brush up on his handling skills. And he might want to read over the North Carolina laws for operating a motor vehicle while he’s at it.

Waltrip claims that he fell asleep while driving to his home and was less than a mile from his destination when he slammed into a telephone pole on Friday night. Apparently, he lost control of his Land Cruiser on a turn and then rolled the vehicle after he overcorrected his error. There’s no report on if Waltrip lost control while turning left.

After climbing out of the vehicle, a bloody Waltrip left the scene and then never notified the fuzz about his accident. But, believe it or not, the coppers came across the flipped SUV a little while later and tracked Waltrip down. He was issued tickets for reckless driving and failing to report an accident.

I am really embarrassed about the accident, but I feel fortunate that I wasn’t hurt,” the two-time Daytona 500 winner said Tuesday.

“For 25 years I have had a great driving record. I consider myself to be a courteous and safe driver on public roads. I never expected to fall a sleep behind the wheel of a car.

Looks like Waltrip is going to stick with his “fell asleep at the wheel” story, but we have a sneaking suspicion that this is another case of celebrity DUI. Ty Norris, GM of Waltrip’s racing team, said that the reason Waltrip didn’t report the accident was because his cell phone didn’t work where the accident occurred, yet the accident happened just a mile from his house. So, even if his celly didn’t work he could have called from his home phone. Guess he just “fell asleep” on the way to the phone.


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