Odds and Ends: Mike Tyson still loves the ladies

We’ll never understand why Mike Tyson let his vicious mad in-ring skillz slip away. From knocking out chumps left and right one day to getting fat and slopping ink on his skull the next. It all just ended too quickly for us. Luckily, we now know that Tyson retained some talents from his heyday; in particular, the pulling down serious tail talent.

YOU’D think the whole embarrassing EVANDER HOLYFIELD episode would stop MIKE TYSON from ever going near another person’s ear.

But, alas, he’s been at it again.

This time Iron Mike didn’t draw blood as he was cosying up with none other than Big Brother party girl AISLEYNE HORGAN-WALLACE.

The former heavyweight champ arrived at London celeb haunt Chinawhite at around 1.30am and made a bee line for the clubs most secluded table, nicknamed by those who use it as the Incognito table.

Which is where pint-sized pop king PRINCE likes to sit when he visits the club.

A source who saw the couple canoodling told us: “Mike had two enormous bouncers flanking the table and proceeded to snog the ear, neck and mouth of his date….who was Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

“They stayed until after 3am, working their way through a bottle of Cristal.”

After the two left, the tough guy from Brookyln bought Aisleyne a rose, before they jumped in a car together and disappeared into the night.

Ear nibbling, Cristal, roses … who says romance is dead?

A knockout for a knockout artist; it’s a match made in heaven.

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`Mike Tyson’s Brunch-Out!!’

Please tell us that you have vivid memories of the instant NES classic Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. You know: Glass Joe, Great Tiger, Soda Popinski, Don Flamenco. C’mon, please tell us that we weren’t the only ones who spent hours on end socking King Hippo in his fat gut. Oh, well; if you’ve played the game then you’ll recognize our good friend Mr. Dream Mike and if you’ve never rocked the controller to this 8-biter then hit the pawn shop already for crying out loud.

Game Over, Little Mac.


Iron Mike wants to hang with Vick and the Juice in the big house

Mike Tyson is facing a maximum of four years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to drug possession and driving under the influence following being stopped outside a nightclub last year. His sentencing is scheduled for November 19. Maybe he can save a seat in the yard for Michael Vick’s December arrival.

I had possession of cocaine, and I drove under the influence,” he told the judge, his voice barely audible.

Tyson pleaded guilty to a single felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor DUI count. A felony charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and a second misdemeanor DUI charge were dropped, according to the terms of a plea agreement.

In case you’ve forgotten, Iron Mike got busted with bags of cocaine inside his car and pockets after spending an evening with the ladies of Scottsdale’s Pussycat Lounge. The cop said he saw Tyson wiping a white substance off his dash and that his lispy speech was slurred.

We still can’t get over the fact of how far and how fast this guy fell from grace. Tyson used to embody what being a bad ass is all about, unfortunately for every devastating knock out he delivered, we got twice as much imbecilic and criminal behavior in return. We can’t wait until we have to explain this nut to our kids one day.


[USA Today]: Mike Tyson pleads guilty to drug, DUI charges


Mike Tyson has big screen dreams

What’s this downward spiral that everybody says Mike Tyson is currently on? Obviously you guys haven’t heard about Iron Mike’s new career choice. Sure his in-ring skills have deteriorated to a point that they are virtually nonexistent but it’s about what you do with your life after the game goes away that can determine a legacy. Just ask George Forman about new life after boxing.

So, what’s Tyson up to these days you ask? Well, he just so happens to have his sights set on the big screen. Yup, looks like acting is the way this freak with the face tattoo is gonna start spending his free time. Tyson recently participated in a music video for the movie “Fool n Final” and apparently that’s when he got the bug.

OH, did we mention that Tyson isn’t looking to grace the big screen in America but instead has his eyes set on international stardom by making his name in Bollywood? And if you’re not familiar with India’s cinematic style then here’s a little sample.

Something tells us that Tyson has a bright future on the other side of the globe; of course he has to get there first. Mike is facing charges for drugs and DUI after an Arizona arrest landed him in the slammer, again. But acting is in Tyson’s blood; he’s been playing the role of a mentally unstable and disgusting individual for virtually his entire life. Maybe now he can get paid for it.


[]: Mike Tyson Says He Wants To Act In The Movies


Top 10 Most Gruesome sports injuries: #4 Evander Holyfield

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten most gruesome sports injuries. Here’s #4]

Mike Tyson made was known for his brutal style and vicious power that made first round knockouts commonplace at one of his bouts. Iron Mike could handle his business with anyone who wanted to step inside the ropes with him, which is what made the infamous ear chomp of Evander Holyfield so bizarre. But hey, that’s what made Mike, Mike. He might knock your lights out or he might bite your ear off, nobody knew what to expect.

However, it’s safe to say that nobody expected Tyson to pull out his best Hannibal impersonation on June 28, 1997 when he took on Holyfield in front of a sold out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. But once it happened, those who weren’t either totally shocked or disgusted, began to riot and the madness spilled out of the arena and into the Vegas streets. Holyfield wasn’t seriously injured but his ears will never look the same after losing a giant chunk of flesh to Tyson’s choppers.

Tyson was suspended from boxing for the biting incident, but that didn’t stop the Tyson roller coaster from operating. But narrowing down Tyson’s whacky behavior would require an entire Top 10 list of its very own.

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Odds and Ends: Following up on Tonya Harding

Here’s some random news for you while you try to figure out why this has been the worst tournament opening round in recent memory. We’ll start with Tonya Harding. Her excuse for acting like a insane person recently was an adverse reaction to asthma medicaiton. Wonder if she got it from Lindsey Hunter’s wife.

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And finally…. this is at once both disturbing and amusing. Very nice… how much?


Top 10 Dumbest in-game Injuries: #9 Evander Holyfield

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten dumbest in-game injuries in sports. Here’s #9.]

This one is more bizarre than dumb and it might have injured Mike Tyson’s career more than Holyfield but it certainly belongs on this list. Mike Tyson took insanity to a whole other level during a fight with Evander Holyfield on June 28, 1997. In front of a sold out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Iron Mike took a page from the Iron Chef and gruesomely bit the ear of Holyfield. After some commotion, the fight was resumed and in Tyson-esque lunacy he again bites and removes a chunk from the left ear of Holyfield. Bedlam takes over the ring and the chaos quickly spreads into the crowd before moving to the hotel lobby and eventually to the streets outside. Tyson was suspended from boxing and his purse was withheld. Tyson’s life has continued to spiral downward to the point where he is now considering a new career in porn. Ear nibbling is off limits though.

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In today’s marijuana news…

We’ve got a trio of drug related news for you today folks. First up is Michael “Don’t Criticize Me” Vick. Vick has been cleared by Miami police of any wrongdoing because the super secret spy water bottle he tried to bring aboard a plane at Miami International did not contain any pot. Vick certainly dodged a bullet there but what kind of moron refuses to surrender a water bottle with NOTHING IN IT? Vick’s last contract was for $130M… the water bottle costs $20. That Michael Vick ain’t too smart.

Second up is yet another Bengals arrest. This time cornerback Johnathan Joseph was arrested for pot possession after a car in which he was the passenger was pulled over. Police smelled marijuana and searched a Super Bowl XL backpack and found the pot. Good thing that swag is going to good use. This marks the 4,397th arrest for the Bengals this year.

Finally, Mike Tyson has plead not guilty to drug charges even though he admitted to being an addict in an interview with police and was busted with cocaine. His lawyer said, “Drug addiction is a victimless crime. We believe this is the kind of crime where you shouldn’t go to prison.” So doesn’t this mean he’s guilty but wants a lighter sentence? Ahh the good ole justice system. He’ll get a slap on the wrist and some community service.

[Miami Herald]: There was no pot in Vick’s bottle, police confirm
[Cincinnati Enquirer]: Bengals’ Joseph arrested
[AZ Central]: Tyson pleads not guilty to drug charges


Mike Tyson’s understatement of the year

The Smoking Gun released the transcript of Mike Tyson’s police interview after he was pulled over and arrested for DUI and coke possession. Iron Mike told police in a taped interview, “I am fucked up”. Other not as obvious highligts:

  • Tyson has someone roll his joints for him
  • He uses cocaine “whenever [he] can get [his] hands on it”
  • “I’m an addict”
  • If Tyson isn’t taking Zoloft, he gets a little crazy
  • He smokes cocaine in his Marlboro cigarettes
  • “Fuck You, I hate you, fuck you, dead beat, fuck you”. (Tyson talking to the ground/himself)

Well, if it wasn’t already clear, Mike Tyson has got some serious problems. His next pay per view might be a date with Britney Spears. Although, seriously… who wouldn’t pay to see that? That’s $39.95 well spent. Hook it up Don King!

[The Smoking Gun]: Tyson To Cops: “I Am Fucked Up”


Mike Tyson is coked and loaded

It seems a shame that we have to publish a story about Mike Tyson getting arrested for the holidays but what else kind of story did you expect from Mike Tyson these days? (Tyson trains in front of a vegas buffet? Tyson fights a kangaroo?)

Mike Tyson was arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine after leaving a Scottsdale nightclub last night. We suspect that since he wasn’t raping anyone, the judge/DA will look at his sad sad life and just give him some community service and probation. Unless of course, Tyson threatens to eat his children.

Just for nostalgia’s sake, here’s video of Tyson just destroying people in his prime.

[Fox Sports]: Tyson arrested after leaving nightclub Friday