Mike Tyson’s understatement of the year

The Smoking Gun released the transcript of Mike Tyson’s police interview after he was pulled over and arrested for DUI and coke possession. Iron Mike told police in a taped interview, “I am fucked up”. Other not as obvious highligts:

  • Tyson has someone roll his joints for him
  • He uses cocaine “whenever [he] can get [his] hands on it”
  • “I’m an addict”
  • If Tyson isn’t taking Zoloft, he gets a little crazy
  • He smokes cocaine in his Marlboro cigarettes
  • “Fuck You, I hate you, fuck you, dead beat, fuck you”. (Tyson talking to the ground/himself)

Well, if it wasn’t already clear, Mike Tyson has got some serious problems. His next pay per view might be a date with Britney Spears. Although, seriously… who wouldn’t pay to see that? That’s $39.95 well spent. Hook it up Don King!

[The Smoking Gun]: Tyson To Cops: “I Am Fucked Up”

By Vin

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