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Odds and Ends: Mike Tyson still loves the ladies

We’ll never understand why Mike Tyson let his vicious mad in-ring skillz slip away. From knocking out chumps left and right one day to getting fat and slopping ink on his skull the next. It all just ended too quickly for us. Luckily, we now know that Tyson retained some talents from his heyday; in […]

Jaws and T.K. with their modern day `Who’s on first?’ routine

Who said that Tony Kornheiser and Jaws would never have any chemistry? C’mon, it was the Niners and the Hawks; you didn’t expect us to be paying attention to the game, did ya? Links: [Awful Announcing]: Um Guys, You’re Arguing About The Same Exact Thing

Can’t MNF just go back to TO bagging one of the Desperate Housewives?

In response to the question posed by Awful Announcing: a resounding no. Hamsters and laxatives and tree houses and pregnancy; it was all just nonsensical gibberish to us. To Mike Tirico, on the other hand, it was “hysterical.” Hey, Mike; Steve Carell isn’t funny, but Michael Scott is. Links: [Awful Announcing]: Steve Carell On Monday […]

Somebody at ESPN forgot that Jimmy Kimmel was a comedian

In case you missed the third quarter of Monday night’s game between New York and Atlanta then you didn’t miss much. Well, you didn’t miss much on the field. Inside the commentators box was a whole other story. The MNF crew welcomed Jimmy Kimmel into the booth and then immediately regretted it as he started […]

NFL gives fans a schedule lapdance, leaves them wanting more

Seriously, who else did youexpect to open the season? We are still a solid five months away from beginning the NFL schedule, but it’s never too early to answer yes to the question of, “Are you ready for some football?” So, for you NFLaholics out there, here’s the list of nationally televised games for opening […]

Theismann goes job hunting

[Update: It’s official] Who would have thought that one day would make such a difference.  Well, the move from Sunday Night Football to Monday Night Football caused Joe Theismann to get fired from his 19 year gig at ESPN.  Looks like Ron “Jaws” Jaworski will be taking over for Theismann in the booth and join […]

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