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NFL gives fans a schedule lapdance, leaves them wanting more

Seriously, who else did you
expect to open the season?

We are still a solid five months away from beginning the NFL schedule, but it’s never too early to answer yes to the question of, “Are you ready for some football?” So, for you NFLaholics out there, here’s the list of nationally televised games for opening weekend so you can start breaking down all the match-ups and start drooling over your possible fantasy lineup in week 1.

Thursday September 6 at 8:30(ET) – Saints @ Colts on NBC
Sunday September 9 at 4:15(ET) – Bears @ Chargers on FOX
Sunday September 9 at 8:15(ET) – Giants @ Cowboys on NBC
Monday September 10 at 7:00(ET) – Ravens @ Bengals on ESPN
Monday September 10 at 10:15(ET) – Cardinals @ 49ers on ESPN

The league decided to kickoff the season with a battle between a pair of golden-boys as Drew Brees will travel to take on Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl champion Colts, and like last season, there will be a double header to conclude the week’s action on ESPN as division rivals hook up in game one while two quarterbacks of the future highlight the weeks final contest. In typical Monday Night Football tradition, the booth is taking on a new look this season and there will be plenty of fans who are primed and ready to pounce all over Mike Tirico, Tony Kornheiser and the newly added Ron Jaworski. But anything has to be better than listening to Joe Theismann flapping his gums.

The league also released the turkey day triple header for early consumption.

Thursday November 22 at 12:30(ET) – Packers @ Lions on FOX
Thursday November 22 at 4:15(ET) – Jets @ Cowboys on CBS
Thursday November 22 at 8:15(ET) – Colts @ Falcons on NFL Network

You might as well plan to stuff your face during the first game because there is no reason to leave the table for that one. Then you can plan to nap during the Jets/Cowboys contest and hopefully you’ll wake up in time to see Terrell Owens make a turduckit out of himself. And at the end of the day, when you finally get all those annoying relatives out of the house, you can heat up a plate of leftovers and enjoy Michael Vick take on the Colts, provided that Vick doesn’t get busted with anymore illegal water bottles, er, jewelry cases.

The remainder of the schedule will be announced in April, but we’ve got the scoop on how the division opponents will breakdown.


[]: Saints-Colts to open 2007 NFL season

One reply on “NFL gives fans a schedule lapdance, leaves them wanting more”

Turkey Day games… — First game…you’re right…take that annual hour long T’Day dump during that one…

Jets/Boys…Both teams could be divison winners…should be a bloodbath.

Colts/Falcons…Let’s see if Ron Mexico can get his stuff together.

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