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Odds and Ends: Following up on Tonya Harding

Here’s some random news for you while you try to figure out why this has been the worst tournament opening round in recent memory. We’ll start with Tonya Harding. Her excuse for acting like a insane person recently was an adverse reaction to asthma medicaiton. Wonder if she got it from Lindsey Hunter’s wife.

In other news…

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And finally…. this is at once both disturbing and amusing. Very nice… how much?

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So Tonya Harding really does live in a trailer

What the hell was Clinton thinking?

Tonya Harding is back in the news after calling police twice. Once because she thought four men and a woman tried to steal her car. The second time because she said people were stashing rifles on her property. (Probably for the coming revolution.) Police were unable to find any evidence that pointed to her stories and said that Harding was very frustrated that no one else could see what she saw.

Harding just started taking new medication so that could be the reason she’s gone batshit crazy.

The deputy took Harding back to her trailer on Northeast Sunset Falls Road and checked her home to “put her at ease.

A trailer? Didn’t she get paid for knocking out Paula Jones in Fox’s “Decline of Western Civilization and We’re Documenting It” boxing special? It is almost a guaranteed lock that we’ll be reporting this same exact story in 5 years but replacing “Tonya Harding” with “Britney Spears”?

[Fox 12 Oregon]: Police Respond To Two Calls Involving Tonya Harding