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Odds and Ends: Following up on Tonya Harding

Here’s some random news for you while you try to figure out why this has been the worst tournament opening round in recent memory. We’ll start with Tonya Harding. Her excuse for acting like a insane person recently was an adverse reaction to asthma medicaiton. Wonder if she got it from Lindsey Hunter’s wife.

In other news…

[Fox 12 Oregon]: This certainly doesn’t change the perception that Oregon is racist

[Tomorrow Land]: Weird team names from around the world

[Page Six]: Mike Tyson to help Don King promote baby diapers

[Sports by Brooks]: Rick Majerus is useless

[The Big Lead]: One theory on Pacman’s bowling alley incident we hadn’t thought of

[Can’t Stop the Bleeding]: AI is HUGE in Singapore

[Mike Chen’s Hockey Blog]: Geeking out on Gary Bettman

And finally…. this is at once both disturbing and amusing. Very nice… how much?

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