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Okla…homa Sooners get punk’d and then get pissed

When we first saw the news about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s little case of road rage, we figured it had to be an elaborate joke. After all, he was trying to evade the cops in a jacked-up truck with a life-sized picture of himself on the side. Something tells us that probably wasn’t the best choice for an escape vehicle. Either way, turns out Rampage’s little, uh, rampage in the streets was all too real and the former UFC light heavyweight champion is facing a pair of felony charges.

Anyways, like getting a song stuck in your head after hearing a few lines, we’re now jonzing for a good prank to get rid of the sadness that has crept into our souls since finding out Rampage is a moron. Luckily, this anti-Sooner came into our lives at just the right moment.

The publisher of Oklahoma’s largest newspaper and one of its sportswriters have sued a University of Texas employee who admitted posting a bogus article on the Internet about two University of Oklahoma football players.

The Oklahoma Publishing Co., which publishes The Oklahoman newspaper and website, filed a civil lawsuit Monday against James W. Conradt, a Nebraska football fan who works as a service manager for UT’s information technology department.

The 10-count civil lawsuit accuses Conradt of libel, copyright violations and trademark infringements. It seeks unspecified financial damages.

Conradt, 36, used a template from the newspaper’s website to publish a fake article on the Internet on July 9 that stated OU quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Landry Jones had been arrested for intent to distribute cocaine, the lawsuit alleges.

Hey, James, say hi to Rampage for us if you should happen to pass him in the courthouse halls.


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Iron Mike wants to hang with Vick and the Juice in the big house

Mike Tyson is facing a maximum of four years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to drug possession and driving under the influence following being stopped outside a nightclub last year. His sentencing is scheduled for November 19. Maybe he can save a seat in the yard for Michael Vick’s December arrival.

I had possession of cocaine, and I drove under the influence,” he told the judge, his voice barely audible.

Tyson pleaded guilty to a single felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor DUI count. A felony charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and a second misdemeanor DUI charge were dropped, according to the terms of a plea agreement.

In case you’ve forgotten, Iron Mike got busted with bags of cocaine inside his car and pockets after spending an evening with the ladies of Scottsdale’s Pussycat Lounge. The cop said he saw Tyson wiping a white substance off his dash and that his lispy speech was slurred.

We still can’t get over the fact of how far and how fast this guy fell from grace. Tyson used to embody what being a bad ass is all about, unfortunately for every devastating knock out he delivered, we got twice as much imbecilic and criminal behavior in return. We can’t wait until we have to explain this nut to our kids one day.


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Life KO’s Tapia Again

Johnny Tapia has been through hell in his life. His five world championship titles might seem like a blessing, but they are outnumbered by the amount of times that he has been declared clinically dead (6). Now, Tapia faces death once again as he lies in an Albuquerque hospital bed in critical condition after apparently overdosing on cocaine. Just two weeks ago, Tapia won a majority decision in what many believed would be his last fight. But it was clear then that the fighter had not gotten over his past demons.

Every day, I’m doing good. But if I want to go drink right now, I can,” Tapia said. “Nobody tells me what I can do or what I want to do. I’m trying to do for my family and myself, but if I want to go party, I’ll party.’

You would think that Tapia would have been scared straight by this point, but if six brushes with death won’t do the trick then number seven will probably prove to be fruitless as well. Should Tapia pull through his life threatening ordeal, he will still have to face being charged with possession of a controlled substance. But getting processed on drug charges is as routine to him as getting his hands taped up. It’s just time consuming.