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The mighty Madden video game foretells the future

When in doubt, ask John Madden. That’s what we always say. By the time he finishing bumbling his words, you always have a clearer outlook on things. Of course, you gotta listen to him actually speak in that annoying tone if you do that and then you’re running the risk of getting list pieces of […]

Madden 09 is ready to blow some friggin’ minds

Make sure you’re sitting down before watching the following clip of Madden NFL 09 because it has the potential to literally – BOOM! – knock you off your feet. The most amazing part is that, just like in real life, you have no idea what team Brett Favre will be playing on. He might be […]

Brett Favre is still John Madden’s boy

If you weren’t convinced that John Madden has a serious man crush on Brett Favre then here’s even more proof. The fat man has decided to put the former (for now at least) Green Bay quarterback on the cover of next season’s Madden game. Yup, good ol’ No. 4 will be in our everyday lives […]

WNBA Live 08 hits the shelves and stays there

What could be more exciting than virtually controlling your favorite WNBA superstarlets? Geez, where do we start? There’s going to the dentist, doing your taxes, watching your clothes tumble dry, counting cracks in the sidewalk, brushing your dog, alphabetizing your CD collection… Links: []: Finally, a Hoops Video Game That Emphasizes the Fundamentals

NFL Crunch Time – it’s on every kid’s wish list

Video games are hot right now. In fact, the entire gaming world has never been more popular than it is right now. And if you ask us, we’ve discovered the next big game that is going to sweep the nation, nay, the world. Move over Guitar Hero, step aside Grand Theft Auto; it’s time for […]

`Mike Tyson’s Brunch-Out!!’

Please tell us that you have vivid memories of the instant NES classic Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. You know: Glass Joe, Great Tiger, Soda Popinski, Don Flamenco. C’mon, please tell us that we weren’t the only ones who spent hours on end socking King Hippo in his fat gut. Oh, well; if you’ve played the game […]

Japanese arm wrestling machine opens up a can of whoop ass

Every single day the world of reality and the world of virtual reality blend a little more and with modern technology and creative ingenuity continually breaking new ground there has been an outcry for more interactivity in today’s video games. The Nintendo Wii is a perfect example as players can now experience 18 holes without […]

Madden 08 hits the shelves, but not for long

Best Buys and other electronic stores got bum rushed last night around midnight by tons of pale, pimply skinned button pushers who just couldn’t wait one more second to get their grubby little paws on the latest edition of the Madden video game. In fact, don’t be surprised when you walk into the office today […]

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