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Madden 09 is ready to blow some friggin’ minds

Make sure you’re sitting down before watching the following clip of Madden NFL 09 because it has the potential to literally – BOOM! – knock you off your feet. The most amazing part is that, just like in real life, you have no idea what team Brett Favre will be playing on. He might be […]

Nintendo’s Wii Fit is a friggin’ bully!

Most of the time when kids are picked on and made fun of, they hide from the world and turn to television shows or video games, like we did. After some kids called us nerds in the second grade and we spent the next three months in our bedrooms playing Metroid. But what happens when […]

WNBA Live 08 hits the shelves and stays there

What could be more exciting than virtually controlling your favorite WNBA superstarlets? Geez, where do we start? There’s going to the dentist, doing your taxes, watching your clothes tumble dry, counting cracks in the sidewalk, brushing your dog, alphabetizing your CD collection… Links: []: Finally, a Hoops Video Game That Emphasizes the Fundamentals

The Chinese just don’t make computer nerds like us Americans

There are lots of things out there that can kill you: car wrecks, disease, mother nature’s fury, lunatic murders, war, famine, old age, and so on. You get the idea. Anyways, the point is that the last thing in the world you’d expect to kill you would be the internet. But if you’re a 30-year […]

Japanese arm wrestling machine opens up a can of whoop ass

Every single day the world of reality and the world of virtual reality blend a little more and with modern technology and creative ingenuity continually breaking new ground there has been an outcry for more interactivity in today’s video games. The Nintendo Wii is a perfect example as players can now experience 18 holes without […]

Dec 5 in Sports History: Dad, what’s a video arcade?

In 1983: As a very prehistoric precursor to the John Madden video game franchise, the NFL introduced its first video arcade game, the creatively titled “NFL Football.” Madden it sure as heck wasn’’t, as there were very few features. In fact, the game’s creators were banking that the kids pumping their quarters in didn’’t mind […]

Madden 07 is out today

Aaron Brooks about to throw an INT Well, here it is kids, launch day for Madden 2007. We don’t even have an xbox 360 and we’re salivating over the screenshots. By all accounts, Madden 2007 for the xbox 360 is a giant leap over last year’s rushed release. It looks like Madden 2007 will guarantee […]

Madden 2007 is trying to wreck Shaun Alexander’s season

Sorry Seattle fans EA Sports announced that Shaun Alexander, the Seattle Seahawks $62M man is going to be on the cover of Madden 2007. Seattle fans and Mike Holmgren are already cursing EA but Shaun is just happy to collect the big endorsement check. To be on the cover of Madden NFL 07 is a […]

The Top Cyber Hockey Players of all time

I’m about to do my thing with the thing IGN confirms what anyone who has ever played NHL 94 on the Sega Genesis knows, Jeremy Roenick was unstoppable. This is why Swingers is such a genius movie. What else could capture the 90s better than two guys playing NHL 94 with Trent saying “It’s not […]

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