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Floyd Mayweather is favored in big showdown. Oh, and he’s got a fight coming up too.

There are several sports related people participating in this season’s Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off on Monday, but only one of them has a 38-0 record against some of the toughest men on the planet: Mr. Floyd Mayweather. While boxing fans know all about the size and strength of Mayweather’s mouth, on Monday […]

The real beauty of live TV is that it can go so horribly wrong

We’ve all seen some pretty stupendous blunders while watching the sports segment of the news on the local affiliate. Sometimes the sports guy rips a fart and then uncontrollably laughs about his flatulence. Other times they just freeze up and stammer over every word. But then you’ve got those rare times when the blooper isn’t […]

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NBC blows their load on the Olympics

We’re exactly one year away from the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and hopefully you can’t wait because in 365 days NBC is going to absolutely bombard you with coverage. How does 3,600 hours in two weeks sound to you? That’s more U.S. air time than all the previous Summer Games received combined! […]

Sports anchor wannabe watches his dreams crash and burn

Sometimes you wake up and you can just tell that it is going to be one hell of a day. Those are the mornings that we usually just crawl back in bed and unplug the alarm clock. Unfortunately, the chump in this clip we stumbled across wasn’t so smart and he got completely bulldozed by […]

Nobody watched the NBA Finals

I felt a little guilty because even though I’m a huge sports fan and I blog about sports, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the NBA Finals. It wasn’t like forgot the games were on, I even checked the scores now and then between checking on baseball scores — I just couldn’t even reach over […]

$15k for Turtle’s Air Force 1s

Remember when Vince forked over an envelope full of cash so that Turtle could get his pair of Fukiyamas in season 3 of Entourage? Well, you’re going to have to fork over just as much money if you want to get that actual pair of sneakers on ebay. This Specific Pair was the actual shoe […]

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Odds and Ends: Amanda Beard on Letterman

The Amanda Beard publicity blitz is in full swing with her appearance on Letterman last night. I can’t tell whether it’s the quality of Youtube or she isn’t looking that great but… she isn’t looking that great. Flash Warner claims that it’s because “you can’t airbrush TV.” Ouch. Anyway, decide for yourself. She’s relatively funny […]

If the NHL Finals were a TV show…

No no, don’t worry, this isn’t one of those really tedious blog posts that attempt to make some connection between, say, the lineup of the Ducks to the cast of Growing Pains or anything. But if the NHL Finals were a TV show, it’d be the equivalent of “Emily’s Reasons Why Not”, that Heather Graham […]

Who knew Rich Eisen was such a stud?

We’ve always liked Rich Eisen — he’s funny, goofy, and compared to his counterparts over at ESPN, he’s actually enjoyable. But we never really thought of Eisen as a ladies man. Still, when you’re getting emails from one of the hottest anchorwomen in Philly, you’re doing ok for yourself. According to the NY Post, Alycia […]

Sam Malone: "I" on Sports

This clip has been missing from the blogosphere for way too long. It’s time to rap about a g-g-g-groin injury. Sam Malone – I On Sports – Watch today’s top amazing videos here

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