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Arrrrr edges out Uhhhhh, Owwwww and Nooooo to take first

Sometimes we think owners give their horses stupid names just to make the race announcers sound like fools. But, hey, we’re not complaining.

There’s a reason why announcers hide in a booth, they’re fraidy cats

If you think watching a minor league baseball game is boring, just try working at one. Here’s how the guys in the booth for the Trenton Thunder break-up the mind-numbing monotony. Wow, even this chick thought that was a pretty funny practical joke. Links: []: Hot Clicks

Rick Sutcliffe has a one-track mind: Erin Andrews

We think Erin Andrews is the bee’s knees, baby, and we don’t care if the whole world knows it and apparently, neither does Rick Sutcliffe. During last night’s game between the Braves and the Cubbies, the topic of Andrews’ ensemble hit the booth and we’ll be damned if Sutcliffe just couldn’t contain himself, letting the […]

Joe Buck makes the Miracle on Ice seem ho-hum

Even though the World Series is over and done, you’ve probably still have the silky smooth voice of Joe Buck running through your head. Well, if you just can’t get enough of his impassioned calls then we’ve got the perfect treat for you. It’s Bucky making some of the biggest calls in sports history. “And […]

Who knew Rich Eisen was such a stud?

We’ve always liked Rich Eisen — he’s funny, goofy, and compared to his counterparts over at ESPN, he’s actually enjoyable. But we never really thought of Eisen as a ladies man. Still, when you’re getting emails from one of the hottest anchorwomen in Philly, you’re doing ok for yourself. According to the NY Post, Alycia […]

Don’t "fag out" on Billy Packer

We’re tempted to file this under “everyone is getting waaaaaaay too sensitive” and disregard but since it’s Billy Packer and everyone hates Billy Packer, we might as well post it. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Billy Packer used the term “fag out” to indicate that Charlie would flake out on him. Now everyone is […]

Dec 20 in Sports History: The Sweet Sound of Silence

In 1980: In a move that was either experimental or lazy, NBC decided not to use game announcers for their broadcast between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Instead of hearing someone like Beasley Reece yap about how the Dolphins “are going to have to put points on the scoreboard to win,” viewers were […]

"That’s kinda… that’s kinda gay"

What would we do without YouTube?

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