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Odds and Ends: Bon Jovi brings us up to speed with the MLB’s first half

Before the second half of the MLB season begins, why not remember the first half in style? Set to the tune of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits album, here’s the season’s memorable moments thus far. Are you ready to rock!?! Lay Your Hands on Me: Boston Red Sox-Tampa Rays — The fight of the first half […]

Odds and Ends: Another Brett Favre tribute song hits the airwaves

What do Brett Favre and Jon Bon Jovi have in common? Well, they’re both buddies with Ron Jaworski and their careers just won’t seem to die, but that’s not all. Thanks to the guys over at Ryan Parker Songs, we now know that they also have this crappy song in common. The words are included, […]

Don’t "fag out" on Billy Packer

We’re tempted to file this under “everyone is getting waaaaaaay too sensitive” and disregard but since it’s Billy Packer and everyone hates Billy Packer, we might as well post it. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Billy Packer used the term “fag out” to indicate that Charlie would flake out on him. Now everyone is […]

So this is why Billy Packer is trying to ruin college basketball!

Here’s some random YouTube goodness for this Friday. An interview with Billy Packer where he reveals his motivation for ruining March Madness for us. Rooting on power conferences? Check. Rooting for favorites? Check. Impossibly smug attitude? Check. Wrong about tons of details? Check. Loves Duke? Check. Billy Packer not being a sports fan really explains […]

Actually Billy, this is the definition of cheap shot

We’ve hated Billy Packer since he dissed St. Joes a couple of years ago. Here’s more Billy Packer magic as he tells us that the Gerald Henderson’s shot to Tyler Hansborough’s face with his elbow wasn’t a cheap shot. Do Billy Packer and Dick Vitale have a conference call every month to coordinate their schedules […]

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