Don’t "fag out" on Billy Packer

We’re tempted to file this under “everyone is getting waaaaaaay too sensitive” and disregard but since it’s Billy Packer and everyone hates Billy Packer, we might as well post it. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Billy Packer used the term “fag out” to indicate that Charlie would flake out on him. Now everyone is debating whether the term is anti-gay or simply British. (Why do Brits always get away with using terms that most of us can’t but then they get all huffy with Tiger Woods for calling himself a spaz?)

Now we agree that Billy Packer is an old bastard who should be put out to pasture, but this is getting a little ridiculous. This term is listed in the Urban Dictionary as “To bail on something, ‘pussy out’.” Pussy out? Pussies of the world should be offended and unite! Please see Phil Mickelson for the sign up sheet.

Billy Packer is an offensive asshole, and we wouldn’t be suprised if he’s the type to pull aside someone and say, “did you hear the one about the Jew, the Catholic, and the Colored Boy who went to heaven?”, but we should be more offended that he was verbally fellating Florida the entire tournament.

[Outsports]: Billy Packer “fags out” on Charlie Rose

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