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Odds and Ends: No Tiger. No problem.

With Tiger Woods’ season officially coming to a close, the PGA is starting to sweat bullets over losing the game’s biggest draw. So, here’s a list of 10 Thing The PGA Tour Can Do To Increase Attendance, according to The World of Isaac, while Tiger’s getting nursed back to health by Elin. 10. Give John […]

Forget Roger Clemens; you’re telling us Wolf might be juiced!?

If you’ve had an opportunity to watch the souped-up new version of American Gladiators then you already know the show just isn’t what it used to be. Okay, we’ll just say it: it totally blows. But, don’t worry, it probably won’t be around much longer. After all, nothing sinks a crummy, revamped game show faster […]

The new American Gladiators looks an awful lot like 300

See, we weren’t `taking a little dip into our Bolivian marching powder‘ when we brought you the news of a revamped American Gladiators. Just check out this completely overdramatic commercial for the premier of A.G. “A mystical breed of warrior”?? Somehow we just don’t see mystical warriors sporting names like Malibu, Lace, Sunny, Bronco, Gold, […]

NBC blows their load on the Olympics

We’re exactly one year away from the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and hopefully you can’t wait because in 365 days NBC is going to absolutely bombard you with coverage. How does 3,600 hours in two weeks sound to you? That’s more U.S. air time than all the previous Summer Games received combined! […]

Dec 20 in Sports History: The Sweet Sound of Silence

In 1980: In a move that was either experimental or lazy, NBC decided not to use game announcers for their broadcast between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Instead of hearing someone like Beasley Reece yap about how the Dolphins “are going to have to put points on the scoreboard to win,” viewers were […]

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