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What was American Gladiators thinking when they passed on Skitzo?!

We were kind of skeptical about the new American Gladiators after the first episode. Way too much talking for our tastes. But now that we’re fast forwarding through the commercials and the pre/post event chit-chat, it’s a whole lot more tolerable. And it only takes about 15 minutes to watch! Besides the constant jabber, the […]

Forget Roger Clemens; you’re telling us Wolf might be juiced!?

If you’ve had an opportunity to watch the souped-up new version of American Gladiators then you already know the show just isn’t what it used to be. Okay, we’ll just say it: it totally blows. But, don’t worry, it probably won’t be around much longer. After all, nothing sinks a crummy, revamped game show faster […]

The new American Gladiators looks an awful lot like 300

See, we weren’t `taking a little dip into our Bolivian marching powder‘ when we brought you the news of a revamped American Gladiators. Just check out this completely overdramatic commercial for the premier of A.G. “A mystical breed of warrior”?? Somehow we just don’t see mystical warriors sporting names like Malibu, Lace, Sunny, Bronco, Gold, […]

Hulk Hogan kinda takes a step up from reality TV, but not really

Listen up, brothers! American Gladiators is back and badder than ever because Hulk Hogan is going to be hosting the new version of the old classic. Look for all the Eliminators, Human Cannonballs and Atlaspheres you can handle to hit the tube around midseason on NBC. Hulk Hogan is an American icon,” Craig Plestis, an […]

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