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Watch your back boxing, you’ve got some more competition

Boxing continues to deliver what is supposed to the sports final big fight before the UFC and MMA take over for good. This weekend’s bout is no different as the brash and arrogant Floyd Mayweather takes on the hard-hitting Brit Ricky Hatton. So, is this going to finally be the last hoorah for the sweet science? In a word – no friggin’ way. But the UFC and other fringe fighting alliances are defiantly going to be giving boxing a run for its money in the years to come. One league that we think everybody should pay extra close attention to is the HHHBCF or the Hand to Hand Heavy Bag Combat Federation.


Floyd Mayweather is favored in big showdown. Oh, and he’s got a fight coming up too.

There are several sports related people participating in this season’s Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off on Monday, but only one of them has a 38-0 record against some of the toughest men on the planet: Mr. Floyd Mayweather. While boxing fans know all about the size and strength of Mayweather’s mouth, on Monday he gave his newly acquired ABC fan base a glimpse of how he rolls when he delivered a soft verbal right cross to WBC welterweight title contender Ricky Hatton.

The local boxer has talked some trash, reportedly labeling his opponent “Vicky Fatten.”

Mayweather said in a news conference Monday at Los Angeles: “Ricky Hatton’s cool for what he does, but fighting Floyd Mayweather is a totally different level. I’m at the pinnacle of my career — this is the creme-de-la-creme.”

Hatton countered by making fun of Mayweather: “He’s currently doing the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and that’s how he’s boxing. Floyd always backs up. That’s the woman part.

Not bad guys, but we’re going to have to ask you to step up your game before you December 8th showdown. Calling each other little girls just ain’t gonna cut it. In fact, until you guys get a little more creative, we’re going to be focusing our attention on the big show and try to make some sweet jack with “Mr. Las Vegas” at 8-to-1. Seriously, the odds are out.

According to

Melanie Brown 4-1
Floyd Mayweather 5-1
Sabrina Bryan 11-2
Josie Maran 6-1
Cameron Mathison 7-1
Helio Castroneves 15-2
Jennie Garth 8-1
Wayne Newton 8-1
Albert Reed 10-1
Jane Seymour 12-1
Marie Osmond 12-1
Mark Cuban 15-1

Geez, we never would have guessed that Cubes would be the biggest underdog.


[]: Mocked by opponent for being `a woman,’ boxer Floyd Mayweather a favorite to win `Dancing with the Stars’