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Michael Vick wants to know if the CliffsNotes for his plea are out yet

To Do: practice, work out, drown pitbulls, watch film, smoke pot Remember when Michael Vick publicly apologized in front of the nation for his part in that dogfighting ring that was being run out of his house. Well, it turns out that he walked off and left more behind than simply his freedom, livelihood and […]

Saying that your dog ate it finally has some advantages

A while back some loser decided to let her dogs chew up a bunch of Michael Vick trading cards and then threw `em up on eBay. Well, guess who’s calling who a loser now? Turns out that the slobbered on, chewed up cards fetched a nice amount of cash; $7,400 to be exact. So, now […]

$15k for Turtle’s Air Force 1s

Remember when Vince forked over an envelope full of cash so that Turtle could get his pair of Fukiyamas in season 3 of Entourage? Well, you’re going to have to fork over just as much money if you want to get that actual pair of sneakers on ebay. This Specific Pair was the actual shoe […]

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Odds and Ends: White Sox World Series Ring goes for $28k

It’s kind of sad when someone has to sell their World Series ring but hey, thanks to ebay, you can get $28,100 for a ring appraised at $7,950. The ring was put on sale by Tommy Thompson, the catchers coach from the 2005 team. It’s interesting that a Red Sox 2004 World Series ring went […]

The hat that launched a $100,000 fine now on ebay

Last week, there was a lot of press about Brian Urlacher getting fined $100,000 by the league for promoting a company at the Super Bowl media day that wasn’t an official sponsor of the NFL. Urlacher was sporting a Vitamin Water hat during his interviews and the NFL honchos (as they should) had to crack […]

Odds and Ends: Help a fat man run the Boston Marathon

We’ve got a weird ebay auction for you today. The first is a fat guy who is going to run the Boston Marathon for charity. He is not officially entered in the marathon but will run behind as a “bandit”. If he can’t finish the marathon, the winning bidder can put any tattoo on his […]

What, you couldn’t afford an infomercial?

Yours for the low, lowprice of just $4,000. Manny Ramirez is a strange character to say the least, so nothing should be too surprising at this point. Still, we never expected to see Man Ram’s mug on eBay next to an “AMAZING” grill, but we did and here’s what Ramirez has to say about his […]

Does this come with Carmen Electra?

Does the winner get a matching boa? Always wanted to hang out with a 5 time NBA champion and don’t have enough pull to get invited to play golf with Michael Jordan? Well, you can still play 18 holes with Dennis Rodman. This week on eBay is a charity event auction where the winner and […]

Odds and Ends: What if no one signed Bonds next year?

Very nice… how much? We’re trying to ignore it as much as we can but Barry Bonds is inching closer to Hank Aaron’s homerun record and he’ll likely break it next season if he decides to play. Well, today, the owner of the Giants said that he’s going to delay making a decision on Bonds […]

Here’s your chance to slap Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A Smith haters, your time is now. Act now for your chance to have an “In-Studio visit with Stephen A. Smith”! This auction on ebay gives you two tickets to a taping of Quite Frankly (approximate value $.25), lunch for two at the ESPN Zone in NYC (approx value $40), two tickets to the […]

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