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Fathead is starting to lose their marbles

We thought it would be great to get the sports-loving kids in our families some Fatheads for Christmas. What could be better than giving them a ridiculously over-sized Peyton Manning poster? Of course, then we went to their site and realized that those things cost $100 apiece! Screw that! They’re getting Lego’s and liking it. […]

Somehow we missed Pillow Fight 1 through 10

You know it’s an awfully slow sports day week around here when the Pillow Fight League starts looking interesting. Here’s the pitch: get a bunch of “athletic women 19-35! With Style! Stamina! The Eye of the Tiger! Commitment! Work well in a group!” and give em a pillow, some skimpy outfits, and watch dudes pour […]

You can’t play demolition derby in real life

When I was a kid, one of my favorite games at the local arcade (yes, they had these places back there where you could go with a pocketful of quarters and play video games!) was something called Demolition Derby. It was a four person game and there were four steering wheels. Your job was to […]

Catching a wheel of cheese is tougher than it sounds

Of all the ridiculous things that happened over this Memorial Day weekend, the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake was perhaps the weirdest. The tradition of racing down a hill after a Double Gloucester cheese seems to date back as far as 200 years ago. While nobody ever catches up to the cheese, the person […]

Ferret legging: the worst idea for a sport since the WNBA

Exactly what you want near your boys We first stumbled upon this story on wikipedia and thought it was some sort of hoax entry. But it turns out “ferret legging” is a real but obscure sport from England. In his book “The King of Ferret Leggers and Other True Stories”, Donald Katz chronicles the sport […]


Ahman Green trades a house for a jersey

SUCKER! NFL players are some pretty superstitious guys; especially when it comes to the number on their jersey. There is always some desperate newcomer on a team who is willing to do anything to get his favorite number across his chest and “anything” usually involves a dollar sign and lots of zeros. Just ask the […]

Odds and Ends: Everybody on the Warriors Bandwagon

When did Snoop adopt 2 white kids? There’s still time to jump on the ever expanding Warriors bandwagon folks. Their second round series begins tonight against the Utah Jazz. Don’t be ashamed, folks, the Warriors barely register in NBA rivalries and nobody actually hates the Warriors so it’s ok to front run with the boys […]

Taking hoops back about 60 years

Tom Newell is the son of coaching great Pete Newell and after spending his entire life involved with the game of basketball, Tom thinks he just might have figured out the formula for advancing the game beyond its current boundaries and into the future. The only problem is that his changes could turn the NBA […]

Odds and Ends: Michael Vick loves animals

Vick has a message for dog lovers Michael Vick’s publicist might just jump off a bridge. The latest incident involves a search of a property in Virginia owned by Vick because authorities believed that dogs were being trained there for illegal fights. Vick doesn’t live at the house but his nephew does. Early reports indicate […]

Do you like your sports news with or without nuts?

Some people like to spend their well deserved vacation time traveling the country or world, others like to catch up with their world outside of work, and lots of folks like to just take it easy and eat Fritos on the couch for hours on end. But if you’re sports writer Mike Penner of the […]

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