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Odds and Ends: White Sox World Series Ring goes for $28k

It’s kind of sad when someone has to sell their World Series ring but hey, thanks to ebay, you can get $28,100 for a ring appraised at $7,950. The ring was put on sale by Tommy Thompson, the catchers coach from the 2005 team. It’s interesting that a Red Sox 2004 World Series ring went […]

What exactly is Ozzie Guillen’s problem?

We don’t ever remember hearing about Jim Leyland saying anything bad about anybody. And even though he manages the Detroit Tigers, what has he ever done to Ozzie Guillen except beat him out for a playoff spot last year? So it’s quite puzzling that Ozzie Guillen would launch an unprovoked attack on the Tigers manager. […]

The White Sox revenue generating genius

We usually roll our eyes when corporate greed takes over baseball (remember the Spiderman basepads?) but a new deal that the Chicago White Sox have inked with 7-11 stores is absolute genius. From now on, weeknight games at US Cellular Field will start at 7:11 so that “every time the media announces the game’s start […]

Odds and Ends (06.21.06): Ozzie Guillen calls Jay Mariotti a fag

Ozzie Guillen is a sports blogger’s dream. Yesterday, Ozzie called Jay Mariotti a “stupid idiot” and a fag. “What a piece of (expletive) he is, (expletive) fag.” Stealing a page from the Sammy Sosa language barrier book, Guillen explained his use of the term. I don’t have anything against those people. In my country, you […]

Odds and Ends 05.31.06: Make way for MVP Thome

A change of scenery has Jim Thome being talked about as a strong MVP candidate. Even Paul Konerko understands this is one of those magical seasons for a player. He is willing to step aside in interleague play so that Thome can play 1B and get his at-bats in. There’s no way I’m going to […]

Freddy Garcia was robbed

Not in the way that Andre Igoudala wuz robbed, more like how Duce Staley was robbed. Freddy went to a restaurant in Miami last week and some thieves stole his escalade and along with it, $100,000 worth of jewelry. Note to athletes: just because you can afford $100k in jewelry doesn’t mean you should. Police […]

Ozzie Guillen rips A-Rod and Nomar

I’m just keeping it real Last year, Ozzie called a reporter a homosexual and a child molester. This year, he’s toned it down. Alex was kissing Latino people’s asses. He knew he wasn’t going to play for the Dominicans; he’s not a Dominican! I hate hypocrites: He’s full of shit. The Dominican team doesn’t need […]

Watch Out for Brain Dead Carribean Gay Child Molesters

It’s amazing how people in sports have no concept of what is right and wrong.  Either everyone is always misquoted or these idiots think they’re in a closed locker room even when they’re speaking in front of reporters.  Ozzie Guillen went from defending Caribbean players in one breath to disparaging gays in the next.  His […]

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