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John Daly would be perfect as The Penguin. Are you listening, Christopher Nolan?

The latest Batman movie is quickly becoming the most popular ever in the series. And we see no end in sight. The Batman franchise will live forever and as long as hunky actors are willing to strap on the rubber abs and cod piece then so will the Batman movie empire. But to keep things […]

Odds and Ends: Chris Snyder redefines the word injury

Other than gasping, dropping to our knees, rolling around on the ground and muttering “uggggh” and “owwww” under our breath, we really don’t know what else to say about this. Catcher Chris Snyder left Monday night’s game after getting hit by a foul tip in the groin area. About an hour before Tuesday’s game the […]

Odds and Ends: Goggles, it’s a Lakers thing

As kids, if you wore glasses then you were probably going to get made fun of. That’s just one of the many sad facts of childhood. However, once kids get older and mature, they realize that making insulting comments about someone’s appearance is ridiculously petty…except in sports. So, here’s On Deck Sports list of the […]

Odds and Ends: AAFL – All-Around Failure League

Believe it or not, but yet another football league has gone under. Well, that’s not exactly true because the All American Football League isn’t giving up just yet. The AAFL is being forced to postpone its 2008 opening season until 2009 due to a lack of financial funding. The league’s chief executive officer, Marcus Katz, […]

Odds and Ends: OK, enough with John Daly already

John Daly continues to dominate the ‘news that isn’t good enough to write a full entry about.’ Today, John and Sherrie Daly have decided to call a truce in their ongoing spat about who assaulted whom. They have both decided to not press any criminal charges against the other, which just means they wasted a […]

Odds and Ends: Now John Daly’s wife accuses him of assault

Man, it’s a regular soap opera at the Daly household. A couple of days after John accused her of attacking him with a steak knife, Sherrie Daly is now claiming that he was drunk off his ass (must have been filming another Maxfli ad) and attacked her and scratched himself to cover it up. John […]

Odds and Ends: John Daly’s wife is insane

John Daly’s wife Sherrie decided to celebrate the 6th anniversary of their meeting by assaulting him with a steak knife and clawing up his face. Big John showed up Saturday with a scratched up face. According to the sheriff’s department, he called them to report an assault by his wife on Friday night. The couple […]

CBS says new John Daly spot is long and wrong

John Daly is known for three things: long drives, an alcohol problem, and a slot machine problem to fix his alcohol problem. Giving John Daly a beer is like sending Paul Lo Duca to a sorority house. So what does Maxfli do? They create an ad with John singing in a honkytonk bar, grabbing a […]

August 11 in Sports History: John Daly wins PGA Championship

In 1991: An unknown rookie qualifier named John Daly shocked the golf world by winning the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick in Indiana. Daly, who only made the field when another golfer dropped out, shot a 276 and defeated Bruce Lietzke by 3 shots. Known as Long John for his booming drives off the tee […]

Charles Barkley is a big black whale

In the wake of John Daly’s admission that he lost over $50 million gambling, Charles Barkley has come out and said that he’s lost about $10M in gambling. Yeah, I do have a gambling problem. But I don’t consider it a problem because I can afford to gamble… It’s not a problem. If you’re a […]

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