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Odds and Ends: Now John Daly’s wife accuses him of assault

Man, it’s a regular soap opera at the Daly household. A couple of days after John accused her of attacking him with a steak knife, Sherrie Daly is now claiming that he was drunk off his ass (must have been filming another Maxfli ad) and attacked her and scratched himself to cover it up. John […]

Jamaican police confirm cricket coach was murdered

The Jamaican police have officially ruled the death of Pakistan’s circket coach Bob Woolmer as murder. The are searching for one or more attackers and that was killed by “manual strangulation.” (No word on whether there was a liquid explosion on his stomach.) Bob was a large man. It would have taken some significant force […]

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Odds and Ends: Eagles fans – here’s your English soccer team

Remember when Bill Simmons went about looking for an English Premiere League team to cheer for and ended up taking Tottenham Hotspur? Well, Philadelphia Eagles fans now have their very own British soccer team to root for. Unfortunately, they play in Football League One which is 2 levels below the EPL. Why Millwall? Because “unnamed […]

Odds and Ends: TO powderkeg temporarily defused

Dude, I had the curry! Like they say, winning is the best defuser. (Or was that deodorant?) In any case, a weekend that had the potential for being the one in which Owens blew up quickly turned into a lovefest as the Cowboys got to take on the Texans at home. It was coming folks. […]

TV commentator fired after calling a player a terrorist

Dean Jones, a commentator for Sri Lankan TV was fired after he called a South African batsman named Hashim Aslam a terrorist. After bearded Amla, 23, caught Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara in the Second Test in Colombo, Jones was heard by millions of shocked viewers to exclaim `the terrorist has got another wicket’. Ummmm… we’re […]

The key to picking up chicks is texting

This is my texting finger We have no idea who Shane Warne is but apparently, he is the cricket world’s answer to Wilt Chamberlain. His method of seduction? Heavy texting. Last year, during a split with his wife as a result of a previous affair, he was caught cheating again having sex with a woman […]

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