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Bill Plaschke is what he eats

Links: [The Big Lead]: Bill Plaschke Went to Beijing and Ate a Penis

Odds and Ends: As if the restrooms at sports stadiums aren’t disgusting enough already

This is seriously one of the sickest old men man ever and he’s exactly why parents need to keep an eye on their kids at all times when attending a ball game. A man whose trial two years ago made public a long-held fetish for drinking the urine of young boys has surfaced again in […]

We’ve heard of blood on the ice, but chunks on the court is a first for us

A funny thing happened before halftime of the Maryland/Virginia Tech basketball game last night. With under a minute remaining in the opening period, Hokies freshman Dorenzo Hudson barfed all over the court while Maryland was at the charity stripe. We could go into detail about the whole thing, but you know what they say: a […]

Super Bowl Forty-Ewwww

As if the fact Eli Manning is playing in the Super Bowl isn’t nauseating enough, now we find out that we gotta go dipless for the entire ridiculous six-hour duration of the game. You might think double-dipping is just an everyday occurrence, completely blown out of proportion on an episode of Seinfeld, but you’d be […]

Big league stadium food just got more disgusting

Angels Stadium is being overrun by rats! That’s right, county health officials have handed out 118 vermin violations over the past two and a half years! In fact, just days ago the stadium failed health inspections as it was discovered that a kitchen was full of coach roaches and a concession stand had a problem […]

This dude is lucky he’s not a horse or he’d be glue by now

Every now and again we feel compelled to bring you a moment of stomach turning disgust. Don’t believe us? Just check out our Top 10 Most Gruesome sports injuries. So, today’s painful moment comes to us from the world of MMA where some guy snaps his leg in two during a fight. We have no […]

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