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Odds and Ends: As if the restrooms at sports stadiums aren’t disgusting enough already

This is seriously one of the sickest old men man ever and he’s exactly why parents need to keep an eye on their kids at all times when attending a ball game. A man whose trial two years ago made public a long-held fetish for drinking the urine of young boys has surfaced again in […]

Hulk Hogan kinda takes a step up from reality TV, but not really

Listen up, brothers! American Gladiators is back and badder than ever because Hulk Hogan is going to be hosting the new version of the old classic. Look for all the Eliminators, Human Cannonballs and Atlaspheres you can handle to hit the tube around midseason on NBC. Hulk Hogan is an American icon,” Craig Plestis, an […]

Hulk Hogan’s kid is no champ behind the wheel

Nine times out of ten, we would never suggest that anyone go into professional wrestling, especially with the horrible writing that is dominating the WWE these days. And then there’s the whole Chris Benoit double murder-suicide thing that’s really putting a dark cloud over the world of pro wrasslin. But we think we might have […]

For relaxing times, make it Hulk Hogan time

So, what do you do when you’re a washed up wrestler who is currently bringing home the bacon by starring in a dumb reality show? Well, if you’re the Hulkster you take off to the other side of the globe, attach your image to a crappy commercial and sing an off key lullaby in your […]

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