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Big league stadium food just got more disgusting

Angels Stadium is being overrun by rats! That’s right, county health officials have handed out 118 vermin violations over the past two and a half years! In fact, just days ago the stadium failed health inspections as it was discovered that a kitchen was full of coach roaches and a concession stand had a problem […]

Gary Matthews Jr. named in Orlando steroid bust

According to the Albany Times Union, a multi-agency task force raided Signature Pharmacy in downtown Orlando after a year long investigation into steroids sales and shipments via the internet. According to Albany District Attorney David Soares, the company did over $36M in business last year from illegal prescriptions and steroids. There is evidence that testosterone […]

Oct 12 in Sports History: The other choke of 1986

In 1986: As much as fans of the Boston Red Sox moped about the monumental chokes their team performed on the postseason stage, it is somewhat forgotten in the Buckner hoopla that the California Angels pulled off one of the biggest gag jobs of all time in the 1986 ALCS. Up three games to one […]

Man sues over Mother’s Day tote bag

The $4,000 tote bag There should be a law that if someone brings about a lawsuit that is deemed ridiculous by 99% of the country, he/she should be forced to watch Cool as Ice nonstop for the next year. Either that or have to bathe Rosie O’Donnell. And that law should be passed in time […]

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