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Down goes Canseco! Down goes Canseco!

In case you missed it, which was very easy and distinctly possible, Jose Canseco got his ass handed to him on a platter by former NFL Pro Bowler Vai Sikahema during the “War At The Shore” over the weekend. Here’s the highlights, er, lowlights of the fight, er, manhandling. Oh, and in an equally amusing […]

Jose, are you ready? Curt, are you ready? Let’s get it on!

When Celebrity Boxing first appeared on FOX, we were stoked. But that was before we were forced to endure horrible, horrible fights like Manute Bol vs. Refrigerator Perry and Joey Buttafuoco vs. Chyna. Of course, the final straw for us came when Screech pulverized Horshack. Talk about disheartening! However, it appears we final have reason […]

Jose Canseco says Alex Rodriguez is an attempted home wrecker

Jose Canseco has a new book coming out which can mean only one thing: more major leaguers are about to get thrown under the bus. First up, Alex Rodriguez. According to writer Joe Lavin who got his hands on a copy of “Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and The Battle to Save Baseball” prior to […]

Jose Canseco desperately needs more attention

…or money, or steroids. According to a press release, Jose is shopping around a new reality show called “A Day With Jose”. Contestants will “pitch” their fantasy day ideas to a panel of judges, and 6 finalists will surprise Jose with their planned activities — and compete for the ultimate prize — Jose’s 40/40 DIAMOND […]

Gary Matthews Jr. named in Orlando steroid bust

According to the Albany Times Union, a multi-agency task force raided Signature Pharmacy in downtown Orlando after a year long investigation into steroids sales and shipments via the internet. According to Albany District Attorney David Soares, the company did over $36M in business last year from illegal prescriptions and steroids. There is evidence that testosterone […]

The Full Count: Juiced on the mound

Canseco 1. If you thought Mark Redman wasn’t an All Star…: Jose Canseco’s All Star appearance was 1 for 2. While he did win the home run derby in the Golden Baseball League All Star extravaganza, his pitching was awful even by independent league standards. He allowed 4 runs while recording just one out; his […]

Will Canseco’s energy drink shrink your balls?

Just a little tidbit from the Miami Herald that Jose Canseco will release an energy drink called “Juiced – The Drink” in September. His attorney says that he’s struggling financially. Canseco is also shopping a movie about his life and writing the follow-up to “Juiced” (the book). Life as the official whistleblower of Major League […]

The Full Count: The return of Mark Teixeira

1. Big Tex’s Big Game: Of all the disappointing players from the first half of the season, perhaps none was more puzzling than Mark Teixeira. The slugger, who was an All Star in 2005 with 43 homers and 143 RBIs, only had 9 and 49, made his first step to a comeback yesterday. He crushed […]

The Full Count: We’re going streaking!

1. Make it a dozen: The Red Sox just keep on winning, and even a series against the NL’s best team didn’t produce an Interleague loss. The Sox completed a sweep of the Mets on Thursday in a heavily anticipated Glavine vs. Shilling matchup. Each pitcher held the opposing team scoreless through five innings, but […]

Jose Canseco is tearing it up

MSBL uniform? Jose Canseco insists he can still hit Major League pitching but while he’s waiting for the call, he’s honing his skills in the Los Angeles Men’s Senior Baseball League. Or maybe he just enjoys being the ringer. Valley Mets manager Gary Zelmen quotes, “What a weapon. It’s like cheating.” Aluminum bats, high school […]

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