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Gary Matthews Jr. named in Orlando steroid bust

According to the Albany Times Union, a multi-agency task force raided Signature Pharmacy in downtown Orlando after a year long investigation into steroids sales and shipments via the internet. According to Albany District Attorney David Soares, the company did over $36M in business last year from illegal prescriptions and steroids.

There is evidence that testosterone and other performance enhancing drugs were sold to current and former MLB, NFL and college players. The biggest names to come out so far are Gary Matthews Jr. of the Angels, Evander Holyfield, Jason Grimsley, and of course, Jose Canseco. Investigators also saw an Eagles player at the pharmacy and said a Redskins player is a customer.

Richard Rydze, a “top physician for the Steelers”, also was questioned for purchasing $150k worth of HGH in 2006. While Rydze claims the drugs were for his personal clients, we’re waiting to see what Steeler gets named in the documents that The Smoking Gun will eventually uncover.

[Steroid Nation]: Huge drug raid in Orlando nails Internet ‘steroids’ dealer. Pro athletes involved; Gary Matthew’s name released
[Albany Times Union]: Albany DA raids Fla. steroids center

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