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From 00 to 99, the NFL’s all-time best by jersey number

Growing up, we were all about the numbers players sported on their jerseys. All you had to do was mention the digits and we instantly knew who you were talking about. Nowadays, not so much. What can we say; the passion for numbers has faded over the years. Still, we love sports and we love good debates and Yardbarker put together a list of the NFL’s best players to ever wear each number and it’s pretty interesting. So, who’s your favorite No. 42?

0. Wilber “Pete” Henry

00. Jim Otto

1. Jim Thorpe ~~~(He also worn #’s 3 & 21) so Warren Moon could also go here.

2. Charley Trippi

3. Bronko Nagurski ~~~ (if you put Warren MOON @ #1, JIM THORPE WOULD GO HERE)

4. Brett Farve

5. Paul Hornung

6. Benny Friedman

7. George “PAPA BEAR” Halas (He started it all for us); John Elway, if you don’t agree w/”PAPA BEAR”

8. Troy Aikman… Toss up with Steve Young, I went w/ the SB wins

9. Carson Palmer (today); Sonny Jergenson (Past)

10. Fran “THE MAN” Tarkenton

11. Norm Van Brocklin

12. Tom Brady (Smooth under pressure, SB wins, & Future HOF’er) Terry Bradshaw

13. Dan Marino (Tough call here no SB wins but a HOF’er) Don Maynard (my 2nd choice @ this #)

14. Y.A. Tittle

15. Bart Starr

16. Joe Montana however, George Blanda (Played 2 positions, {QB & K} & had the record for several years for most points scored in NFL history)

17. Don Meredith

18. Payton Manning but coin flip for Charlie Joiner as a close 2nd, but now that Randy Moss wear this #, would you guys in the Yard vote him over Payton? I don’t think so. You?

19. Johnny Unitas

20. Barry Sanders, Brian Dawkins or Ed Reed

21. LT2 (SD RB)

22. Emmitt Smith over Paul Krause & Roger Wehrli

23. Devin Hester James Lofton

24. Lenny Moore Champ Bailey

25. Fred Bilentnikoff

26. Herb Adderley over Rod Woodson

27. Ken Houston

28. Darrell Green

29. Eric Dickerson

30. Bill Willis

31. Jim Taylor

32. Jim Brown

33. Sammy Baugh over Tony Dorsett (Sorry Dallas Fans)

34. Walter “SWEETNESS” Payton over Earl Campbell

35. Pete Pihos

36. Brian Westbrook Jerome Bettis

37. Doak Walker

38. Mack Strong

39. Larry Csonka

40. Gale Sayers

41. Terrence Newman

42. ***THIS WAS {1} OF THE TOUGHEST #’s TO PICK FOR ME*** Paul Warfield, Ronnie Lott, Charlie Taylor & Sid Luckman…I’ll go CHARLIE TAYLOR

43. Troy Polamalu

44. John Riggins

45. T.J. Duckett Ladell Betts Emlen Tunnell (HOF’er) (this is a hard # to come up with the BEST EVER to Wear #45) Little Help here BARKERS..

46. Ladell Betts

47. Mel Blount

48. Justin Snow

49. Tony Richardson

50. Mike “WIDE EYED” Singletary

51. Dick Butcus

52. Mike Webster over Ray Lewis

53. Keith Bulluck over Harry Carson

54. Randy White over Brian Urlacher

55. Lance Briggs

56. LT (NYG LB) over Shawne Merriman

57. Dwight Stephenson

58. Jack Lambert

59. Jack Ham

60. Chuck Bednarik

61. Bill George

62. Jim Langer

63. Gene Upshaw over Willie Lanier

64. Dave Wilcox

65. Tom Mack over Elvin Bethea

66. Ray Nitschke in a close one over Larry Little & today’s Alan Faneca

67. ***MY SURPRISE PICK*** Tony Ugoh (if he keeps college #), I can’t think of any other that wore #67, can the yard help here?

68. Joe Delamielleure

69. John Runyan

70. Rayfield Wright over Art Donovan & Sam Huff

71. Walter Jones over Fred Dean

72. Dan Dierdorf

73. Ron Yary over John Hannah

74. Merlin Olsen over Ron Mix

75. Joe Green over Deacon Jones

76. Steve Hutchinson

77. Red Grange

78. Anthony Munoz over Jackie Slater & Art Shell oh and Bobby Bell

79. Bob St. Clair

80. Jerry Rice Steve Largent James Lofton Kellen Winslow, Cris Cater (all he did was catch touchdowns)

81. Dick “NIGHT TRAIN ” Lane over Doug Atkins and Randy Moss (he could be here at 81, 84 or 18..where does the yard put him) & Terrel Owens (TO)

82. Ozzie Newsome

83. Ted Hendricks

84. Randy Moss before he went to #18 (oh no, now who do you pick #18 if you don’t put randy here)

85. Jack Youngblood

86. Dante Lavelli over Buck Buchanan

87. Dave Casper over Willie Davis

88. John Mackey Marvin Harrison Alan Page Michael Irvin

89. Gino Marchetti over Mike Ditka

90. Julius Peppers

91. Tommie Harris

92. Reggie “Minister of Defense” White

93. Dwight Freeny

94. DeMarcus Ware

95. Shawn Phillips

96. Adalius Thomas

97. Patrick Kerney

98. John Henderson

99. Dan Hampton Jason Taylor Jerome Brown

Wondering why some of this looks familiar? Well, back in January, the Yard put out a similar list involving current NFL players. Equally interesting and debatable because there has just got to be a better No. 35 out there than Selvin Young.


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NFL General

Mike Ditka makes a fool of himself twice in half a minute. What else is new?

Man, oh, man! No matter how many times we see this, it never gets old. Football can’t get here soon enough.


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MLB General

Odds and Ends: "Babe, I don’t know why he doesn’t hit the ball harder"

For the guys who are in a relationship, sports are usually a safe haven where the girlfriends rarely step foot. However, certain events like all-star games, the Super Bowl and March Madness bring out the inner sports fan within chicks and last night’s Home Run Derby certainly constitutes as such an event. So, for those of you lucky enough to actually trick a girl into dating you, here’s a list of things you probably heard while Josh Hamilton was going bananas.

“Look how slow they’re throwing the ball! This is SOOOOOO easy. You’d have to suck not to hit a home run every time.”

“That Berkman guy will definitely win, right? Don’t fat guys always win?”

“Were you joking when you said A-Rod isn’t participating because he’s spotting Madonna at the gym?”

“Why don’t they use the net in front of the pitcher in real games? Wouldn’t that be a lot safer?”

“Omigod. Look at all those guidos in the stands. As much as I love shopping in New York I am SOOO glad we don’t live there.”

“You haven’t switched over to E! once like you said you would.”

“Why don’t players just hit home runs every time? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier?”

“His last name isn’t really Uggla is it? I wouldn’t take your last name if it was Uggla.”

“So you’re really telling me you couldn’t do this? I thought you said you were good at sports.”

“Were you saying Hamilton `loves the coke’ or `loved the coke’?”

“Where’s Jeter? I thought you said he’d be there.”

“There’s another round?! Why? Enough people aren’t asleep?!”

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And finally, the exact opposite of Heelys.

College Football

Odds and Ends: Desmond Howard now has the second most famous Heisman pose

As soon as we saw this picture of Tim Tebow, we knew we had to post it. After all, could anything be better than a photograph of the only sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy breaking out “the pose” with a baby in hand while wearing a pair of Florida Gators colored Crocs. Simply put, no. Thanks, Busted Coverage.

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[MMA Chump]: Daaaaaaaaaamn, Gina!!

And finally, from Tirico Suave, we give you the Official Mr. Belvedere Fun Kit.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Matt Jones gets busted with cocaine in Arkansas

Sure, being a pro athlete sounds great and wonderful, but they have lives full of stress, demands, headaches and tons of physical activity. Sound familiar? Everything except the physical activity, of course. They might get paid millions more, but, in reality, they deal with the same crap as us normal folks, but just on a higher level. So, some guys decide to turn to drugs to help cope with the pressures of everyday life and, just like millions of others, they get busted for it. See, they’re not so different. At least, Matt Jones and Brad Miller aren’t so different.

Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones has been arrested on cocaine charges in Arkansas.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says officers arrested Jones and two other men as they sat in a Toyota 4Runner in an unlit parking lot in a known drug area.

The preliminary arrest report shows an officer saw Jones sitting in the back seat of the car with a white card with a white powdery substance on it, and a credit card in his other hand.

The officer said he opened the door and asked Jones to “put his hands where he could see them.”

Authorities say Jones didn’t comply right away and hid his left hand. The officer drew his gun and ordered Jones out of the vehicle. Jones got out and the officer put him in handcuffs.

Oh, Matt, Matt, Matt. A 4Runner in an unlit parking lot in a known drug area? That’s just asking for trouble, shouldn’t be long until we get one of these from Mr. Jones: a public apology.

Kings center Brad Miller has been suspended for the first five games of the 2008-09 season after violating terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program, the league announced Thursday.

“I want to apologize to my family, teammates, fans and entire Kings organization, ” Miller said in a statement released by the team. “I made a mistake. It was an error in judgment and I’m very sorry. I regret it deeply. It’s something I won’t and can’t take lightly. I hope to bounce back from this as a better person and I’m excited about the upcoming season.”

Huh, we never would have figured sitting out five games for the Kings would be considered a punishment. Sounds like a good way to avoid participating in the first five losses of the season to us.


[]: Jaguars WR Matt Jones Arrested on Cocaine Charges in Arkansas
[]: NBA suspends Kings’ Miller for violating anti-drug program

New York Yankees

Odds and Ends: "Ball game over! The cake is tainted! Theeeeeeeeeeeeee cake is tainted!"

If you think double-dipping is disgusting then what about finger-dipping? You know, when someone sticks their finger in something, sucks it clean and then walks away. Like Puck and the peanut butter back when The Real World was actually worth watching. Well, according to the New York Post, if you happen to work in the same stadium as Yankees radio announcer John Sterling then you might want to get a vomit bucket ready.

“Sterling has made a habit of walking over to the dessert table and dipping his finger into the ice cream barrel,” one stadium worker told us, adding that the play-by-play vet has also used the same tablespoon to repeatedly take samples. During the Boston series, “He wandered over to the cake and pie section, broke off a piece of a cake slice, ate it and wiped his grimy hands on the linen tablecloth, leaving the remainder of the slice for someone else to eat – which indeed happened,” our spy continued.

Ewwwww. Kid Rock and Tommy Lee won’t even touch those sloppy seconds.

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And finally, this is why you always, always, always lock up your lightsaber.

Green Bay Packers

Ten reasons Brett Favre wants to play football again

We all knew that when Brett Favre tearfully said goodbye to the Packers and the game of football, he’d eventually be back. Of course, we thought he would at least sit out one season before getting the itch again, but news sources are now revealing that No. 4 might be showing that infamous childlike enthusiasm sooner rather than later. Since word broke, most people have been focusing on why Favre shouldn’t return, but not, they’ve got Ten Reasons Brett Favre Wants To Play Football Again.

1. He needs to do something to get Madonna’s attention.

2. The reality that Eli Manning has the same number of Super Bowl rings is too much for him to bear.

3. In the throes of early stage dementia, he may be under the mistaken impression that Randy Moss and Cris Carter still play for the Vikings.

4. Wants to be able to tell grandchildren that he played for Sesame Street’s Mr. Noodle.

5. Safer to deal with the Madden jinx on the football field than on the farm.

6. Apparently, he always liked the smell of the astroturf at the Metrodome.

7. After consulting the Farmer’s Almanac, he decided 2013 is a bad year for Hall-of-Fame inductions.

8. Cash is tight when the There’s Something About Mary sequel is put in turnaround.

9. Enjoys tearful retirement pressers so much, he wants to make them an annual event.

10. According to Favre, Vikings owner Ziggy Wilf is “just like my neighbors down in Mississippi”.

And, of course, the obvious reason for returning: more Brett Favre boogie!


[]: Ten Reasons Brett Favre Wants To Play Football Again

All Other Sports

If you want to tailgate with the big boys then you gotta get a Party-A-Cargo

The football season is slowly creeping up on us and, before you know it, the pigskins will be flying once again. Of course, the kickoff of the college and pro football schedules really signifies something much bigger: tailgating. Now, you might think you have the ultimate tailgating setup with your generators, barbecue grill, big screen television and gigantic team flag, but you really don’t have anything until you equip your truck with one of these bad boys.

Getting a Party-A-Cargo tow hitch mounted kegerator accomplishes these four things:

Allows you to pour up to 160 ice cold keg beers all day long with only one keg and a 20-pound bag of ice. (Sorry Can Man, you’ll have to recycle someone else’s empties.)

You can play your music for up to 12 hours without using your vehicle’s battery. (Obviously the guys in the video recommend some AC/DC but you can play whatever you like.)

You’ll head into your game or concert without having to clean up empty beer cans or reload heavy and dirty coolers back into you vehicle. (The locking doors ensure nobody will steal your beer while you’re inside the venue either.)

More importantly, you’ll be the envy of every tailgater in the parking lot. (If you can’t round up some random poon with this on the back of your vehicle, you will probably remain celibate for the rest of your life.)

There are three different units available.

Party-A-Cargo Standard – $2,895
Box Installation Kit
Kegerator/Jockey Box
2 – 6″x9″ speakers

Party-A-Cargo Medium – $3,395
Box Installation Kit
Kegerator/Jockey Box
2 – 6″x9″ speakers
10″ subwoofer
Sirius satellite radio

Party-A-Cargo Ultimate – $3,795
Box Installation Kit
Kegerator/Jockey Box
2 – 6″x9″ speakers
10″ subwoofer
Sirius satellite radio
Built-in battery charger
12-volt power adapter


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Green Bay Packers

Odds and Ends: Brett Favre’s future reads like this…

With rumors ferociously swirling around a potential Brett Favre comeback, everyone is now buzzing about the possibilities. “Are we going to get one more year of horribly timed interceptions?” “Will we get one more season of John Madden slobbering over No. 4?” “Could we still see another euphoric sprint to the end zone?” Who knows. Actually, Tirico Suave knows and they’ve come up with a pair of headlines from the distant future regarding the NFL’s ironman. As indicated, Favre will die at the age of 89, but that still doesn’t mean his playing days are over.

In other news…

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[]: Next up for Urijah Faber is Mike Brown

[The Big Lead]: Thank goodness, she looks nothing like her father

[]: Rampage is practicing his gangsta rap poses

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And finally, “ringing the bell,” huh? So, that’s what you kids call it these days.

Miami Dolphins

Ricky Williams is somehow nuttier without his marijuana

As if the world doesn’t already have enough quack doctors out there rendering their “services” to the public, now we’ve got to start preparing for Ricky Williams M.D. That’s right, the NFL’s oddest oddball declared in a recent interview that he wants to attend medical school after his playing days are over. Are we sure this dude isn’t still getting blazed?

After football, Williams wants to return to Texas to finish his degree in education. He has a long way to go and needs about 70 credit hours. After graduating, he wants to go to medical school to be an osteopathic physician so he can offer patients a holistic approach to healing.

“When I retired and I had a chance to be by myself outside of being a football player, I found I enjoy helping people and I had a gift for making people feel better,” he said.

Williams said he reads a lot of self-help books, often with metaphysical subjects. But nothing too wild, he said.

“I’m not a UFO guy,” he said.

In a similar story, apparently, Michael Vick has been reading lots of books on politics and plans on running for office once he gets out of prison. Either that or be a vet.


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